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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by cuatro veinte, Aug 18, 2008.

  1. Ok so this literally just happened about 15 min ago.

    I'm getting home from a long day at the job. Like a chump. Faded as usual.

    As I'm opening the front gate I see a G coming from the farther end of the street running for his life. A cop about maybe 10 feet behind him tellin him hes gonna shoot him if he don't stop.

    Just bullshit anyway that guy knows better than that. But anyway, the cop chases him into the alley right over my neighbor's house and not 2 min later the ghetto bird is seen over my block circling the area.

    And I also noticed as I was walking home that an SUV was hauling ass around the back streets. I knew he was trying to get away already, and then seeing it go down in front of my pad is pretty dope haha.

    Fuck it!!!:bongin:
  2. lol

    i wonder what the hell he did
  3. lol the ghetto bird loved by all feared by many
  4. sick where u live i tend to have alot of "ghetto birds" around my block during the summer because of all the bennies
  5. I bet they got him. It's quiet now. It only lasted about 20 min.

    That dude must have known he might go down for some big shit in order to try and run on foot from the cops like that. Oh well.

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