What a failure. Happy Valentine's Day.

Discussion in 'General' started by blazin420, Feb 14, 2004.

  1. This is some shit. My girlfriend and I moved in together last Saturday. And tonight, the night before Valentine's Day, she is leaving to go stay with her parents. LMAO!! We got into a stupid argument and she flipped psycho style. I've never seen this side of her before. She is fucking NUTS!!

    One week. We lasted 1 fucking week. At least I lasted 8 months living with my last girlfriend. But I am not even pissed off. I actually find this kinda funny. Cause she's gonna realize how stupid she is being when she wakes up in the morning. Oh well. And to think, I just gave her a Vermont Teddy Bear today. That was a waste. lol

    Anyways, Happy Valentine's Day to the rest of you.:D
  2. i feel ya homie, ya feelin lonely? gonna play some sony, playstation, across the nation everything i see is tracin, is we racin? in this world that we facin fuckin up to many times gettin put in displacement.

    whoa i'm definitely...sumthin.

    trippin i think.
  3. I hate valentines day. There really is nothing better then a good commercial holiday filled with love and happiness to make a single guy (like me...) feel like a complete ass.....
    It's not my fault I have absolutly no luck with the ladies.....
  4. It's not usually luck.
  5. Sorry, I have no skill then. I'm no pimp, mac, player, or ladiesman.....
  6. This is why I stick with my #1 girl, Mary Jane!

  7. thats all i can get... but then again Orkney is a dry hole... even Mj hates me :O :( :p

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