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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by northernwidow, Mar 21, 2006.

  1. So i have been dry for a while, not that my areas dry, but recently the dealers i know have been shorting sacks and "misnaming" strains. So ive been lookin for a good solid legit hookup for about three weeks, and than BAM this happens...

    Im sitting here right, looking at my peices thinking "when am i gone get to use you guys" and than one of my old dealers hits me up with a sweet deal, and i say "lemme guess im gettin "northern lights" for 60 an eighth?" and he goes on to tell me that he needs moeny to front his grower and hes hitting me up with a 1/4 and a half eighth of Purple Haze for 50. My trust in him is low, but for 50 ill take a quarter of anything, but this time i went to his house to check it out before i get it delivered, and WOW its bangin, purple as Barney himself. Ill be sure to post budshots, and possibly just some pics from the sesion that is soon to come. This thread is basically saying, i finally get good bud for cheap and it actually is good and im so happy but i have run out of people to tell so i am telling the city.

  2. Glad to hear you got some trees! Hope you keep the consistant bud connect. Its a life saver!
  3. cool. ill wait for pics, that is a sweet deal though.. if you saw the bud you were gonna get y diddnt you just get it then.
  4. Sounds tasty, be sure to get those shots up.
  5. he only had about a half eighth to check the quality before he bought a quap of it, so he smoked me and another kid out to check it out, i wish i coudl have gotten it than, haha thats how good it is
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    Dude thats awesome to hear.​

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