What A Day....

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by ReaLm1537, Aug 1, 2008.

    -Chick came over and pleasured me a bit
    -Girl leaves, brother and friend trip on shrooms
    -We get high :smoking:
    -Experienced minor effects due to low dosage (I chose to be the sitter so i only ate a small amount of Shrooms)

    woke up around 7 o clock. Took a shower. Got a call from this girl (Leslie) says shes down to come kick it. So i go pick her up. We get back and we get to BIzness haha. Started with a kiss, hit the bed, a whole lotta rubbing,touching,grinding. I get the shirt and bra off. so shes on top of me bare chested...then her phone rings :mad: she jumps up puts her shirt back on and answers it. Im just standing there wit my dick hard haha then i pull her back to the bed We go at it again. wanted to go down but only Got a finger in she wouldnt let me hit it (Virgin. First time fucking around wit me) well at least i got some action today :D

    walk her half-way home. Come back and my brother (Andrew) and his homie (Juan) are Shrooming/Smoking herb today so i join them. And i ate whatever was left in the bag (a couple stems--White with Blue Bruising--) but Juan mentions that they were "Smoking shrooms on top of the bud" i was like :confused: WTF I dont think u can do that...They keep telling me it works. so i say fuck it. he throws a stem on my bowl. And i rip the bowl not knowing what to expect.but we get faded after ingesting the shroooms. and play the Waiting game haha. I had the giggles where i couldnt stop laughing. and the visuals were beautiful (i wasnt TRIPPPING Only minor effects but colors were enhanced and my everything in my peripheral seemed to move/breath)
    I felt like a giant while walking cuz the everything about this day just made me :D

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