What’s your most sought after strain for your garden??

Discussion in 'Smoke Reports' started by OZs_786, Jul 9, 2019.

  1. What’s up, blades
    When I’m taking care of my current girls, I can’t help but think about all the other varieties I can’t wait have.
    And it makes me wonder, what are some of the most rare or sought after strains you guys want in your garden, and why?
    Me — I’d really love to run a true Sativa or haze one time for the one time. Especially from the late great Schoenmaker (RIP)
    Also wouldn’t mind running some old school skunk, since it’s been years since I’ve had something super skunky.
    And then theirs the random strains I wouldn’t mind trying just for the hell of it — like that Casey Jones.
    I’m really into exotic/unconventional terps and stuff that no one has. Right now in veg I got a Purple Majik, that I can’tquite seem to remember the parentage off the top of my head.
    And a Powder Cakes (Wedding Cake x Fruit Snackz —I believe) that is supposed to have some unreal terps.
    What do you guys got running right now?
    What do you like?
    Taste/Terpene Profile?
    Would love to hear.. maybe I’ll run one of your favorites one day.. :toke::toke:
    Let me know in the replies brothers/bladettes!
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  2. Velvet Glove-seeds are always sold out
    Washing Machine (Bubba Kush x Ex Cheese)
  3. Velvet Glove — that’s new :roflmao::roflmao:
    Funny, I have heard of that Washing Machine before though. I was actually about to get it but I was undecided about the breeder. Have you ran that one before?
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  4. Ive got my usual Romulan going, and some other things too. A few tester plants from MOB seeds, some unreleased stuff of theirs.. and one that really has peaked my interest. A White Fire OG x Bubba Kush from Roots 6.4 Gardens (another tester) and it smells exactly like.. well.. p*$$y. Like I gave the plant a pinch, and held my fingers up to my lady and she damn near slapped me.. said all she could smell was vagina.

    With that said, I love to get my hands on a true RKS.. and that one NL cut that oozed black resin even when cured and smokable. I could get it easily, but that ABC shit looks funny.. I guess I'd like to grow a mutant like that at least once.
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  5. Crazy, man :laughing::laughing:
    The terpene profile on the Powder Cakes is supposed to have couple phenotypes. Ones a sweet funnel cake pheno — or a more gassy one that supposedly has some kind of tire rubber smell :blink::blink:
    Crazy stuff. Weed really has come a long way.
    And as much of staple indica Romulan is — I’ve still never had it. Must be a disappointment to you Rom :wacko:
    What she smell like though? Phenotypes? I wouldn’t mind giving her a smoke.. that Grapefruit Romulan always intrigued me as well..
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  6. Holy Grail from Dna has been a real winner for me. Strawberry blue from world of seeds has a diesely pheno that is super good. Finishes early to mid November.
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  7. Mostly Pine, from my seed stock. The old momma plant, that is clone only until I get this reversal to take, is more complex.. skunk, pine, spicy, pepper. Good old school dank kind of tastes and smells mostly. There is a purple pheno that Ive had several times from my seeds, that has a floral scent. Like a rose almost.
  8. Sad I’ve got a strain from them and all of the beans have been weak so far .. must just be this batch.

    Sounds nice man, don’t know why I always imagined it being more fruity. Guess I’m just thinking of the Grapefruit still haha.
    I like some old school tastes to as well though.
    Always love a good kush, Pure Kush was super nice the one time I had the flower. Skunk and pine/wood terps need to make a come back.
    Ever heard of Hollands Hope?
    I wanted to purchase that one when I first got my beans but didn’t end up gettinng it after all.
    Suppose to be real good in cold climates and the terp profile describes it as a woody pine and lemon. Hell, still sounds like it’s worth a try to me :):thumbsup::thumbsup:
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  9. Swamp Boys Seeds - Velvet Glove Feminized - Neptune Seed Bank

    I’ve not grown either, just use them medically. ;-)
  10. OOF — didn’t know it was an offspring of GMO. She must be something funky. Nice!
    I’d love to run a GMO phenotype sometime.
    Always thought her profile was super unique
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  11. How can you NOT like garlic, mushrooms and onions :love-mj2:
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  12. Lemon Larry. Actually can get the clones occasionally at Humboldt patient resource centers buy never puts out seeds. Cali connection has one they think are the genetics Larry of.
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  13. Really want to run watermelon og (Watermelon Zkittlez x Tahoe Hydro OG).
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  14. I think either rebel seeds or Humboldt seed company (not organization that's the Spain one using name for marketing) up here in NorCal.
  15. Always wanted to try watermelon zkittlez heard she was more potent than actual zkittlez, if it really has those melon terps with the OG cross— that might be the one brother, hahah.
    Hope you can get a hold of at least a cut. Is she clone only?

    Sounds awesome, I like lemony OGs along with the occasional Pine/ Wood. But it if it’s real OG it has to be gas as well.. OG crosses are always super OG dominant. It’s kind of a love hate thing for me, wish I could get into pollen chucking and put a nice twist on an OG.. but that’s a pipe dream for now.. <_<
    Hope you can get a hold of a nice cut brother. I know some places charge an arm and a leg for there prized clones.
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  16. Can’t put a price on great genetics but those are some damn expensive beans :blink::blink:
    Must be good for that price.. any other seedbanks/breeders you’d personally recommend? I like Neptune.. just a little pricey for me. I like Cult Classic Seeds.
    They’re a breeder but so far of the few beans I’ve germinated from one of my packs, they have all sprouted. I lost the first two due to my own errors, but I have hope for the rest of the pack. :weed:
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