What’s the best bong cleaner

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  1. I just got a new bong and I wanna know what’s the best cleaning product for it. It has double honeycombs and a tree perc if it matters

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  2. If it's glass, I have to cast my vote for 91% Isopropyl Alcohol and coarse salt. My girl grabs it for me for like 3 bucks when she grabs nail supplies at big box stores.

    Cheap as hell and has gotten even my nastiest sit-around pieces clean enough to sell on ebay.

    All of my daily driver pieces, 1 travel piece and 2 at home pieces, get soaked and rinsed once a week. If I didn't at least soak my chillum (travel piece), after a week of smoking at work it gets so caked in rez that I can't even take a hit.
  3. Yeah, as long as it's not acrylic I'd say an alcohol soak would be your best bet. The stronger the better, but you could probably go as low as 70%. Try for higher than that, though; you're trying to cut through the oils and resins, not gently disinfect a wound. You can use standard isopropyl from the pharmacy - don't spend the much larger amount of money just to use drinkable grain alcohol or something similar. Let it soak overnight, give it a swirl now and again, and dump it out in the morning. Rinse several times with plenty of clean warm water, then you'll be ready to go.

    I'm pretty ignorant about current bongs, though. I understood and liked the old school bongs, when even a pinched ice catcher was considered a decadent luxury, let alone a percolator. I got a perced bong this year, didn't much care for it myself.

    But whatever...the point is, the funky additions that basically every single company is using now can make it a bigger chore to clean. Your best bet will still be alcohol, but in addition try looking for a tobacco shop in your area and ask to get some churchwarden pipe cleaners. Churchwardens are particularly long tobacco pipes, kind of akin to what potheads call "Gandalfs" or something. Anyway, they need especially long pipe cleaners, but those cleaners are still cheap. The longer ones are usually 12" or so long, and a package should cost less than three dollars. They may be really useful in reaching down in and trying to access some harder to reach bits in the effort to remove all of the grime.
  4. For Glass, Heat a bit of ISO in the Microwave for maybe 7-10 seconds..Pour into Bong..Gently shake and twirl around..Voila! NO SALT, No Hard shaking, Immediate and THOROUGH CLEANING,Just like new!!
  5. Personally, I wouldn't heat ISO in a microwave, but warming it up will definitely help it clean.
    I just soak my pieces in ISO and salt, I shake it up, then let it sit a while, then rinse with hot water.
  6. I usually use a bong cleaner called Orange Chronic on all my glass stuff. It works great but it is pretty much just high purity alcohol and salt for any abrasive. You can mix some yourself if you want and it works better warm.

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  7. salt and alcohol always work amazing. once i had no alcohol i used acetone.
  8. Use a dead fox ..... and pull it in and out like there's no tomorrow :dance2:
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  9. I personally use 420 cleaner that I get my local Smoke shop. Works great
  10. Try Mile HIGH Cleaner. MHC is natural, organic, odorless, works on plastic or paint (any surface...) and has none of the issues from using ISO alcohol which is made from Fossil Fuels
  11. It's been 4 years. I think the OP made his decision already. No sense in answering 4 year old threads.

    OP's last activity was 1 year 25 weeks ago.
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  12. i just jizz into mine to clean it, i have acidic jizz so it works out good

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