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  1. I wouldn't be able to take that statement seriously even if it was written with some sort of thought.

    I never stated an opinion, I stated fact. "This does not belong in recreational marijuana use" and many of you are idiots on here especially greentoes for even attempting to argue with me.

    1. A foolish or stupid person.
    2. A person of profound mental retardation having a mental age below three years and generally being unable to learn connected speech or guard against common dangers. The term belongs to a classification system no longer in use and is now considered offensive.

    Regardless of how another member treats you, don't sink to their level and be disrespectful. Report the post and let the Admins and Mods deal with it.*RMJL
  2. Well considering this is the internet, and you have countless gramatical and punctuation errors in your sentence you are one to talk


    idiots. :rolleyes:

    Watch the name calling. *RMJL

  3. IN MY OPINION, sir, this thread has much more relevance than you and your stupid negative posts. Nobody made you click on the link to this thread, so please leave, or else talk about the subject at hand.
    And seriously who GIVES A FUCK about a couple typos.
  4. Well, this thread was started off with ignorant and IRRELEVANT comments stated as facts.

    If you have some propaganda about the U.S. Government, Bush, or the war in Iraq, i would like for you to first find the facts. Don't just go on a random website look at some "facts" some guy posted and than relay them here and state them.

    I don't mind people having their own opinions, but i don't want to see it in this area, and i especially don't want to see ignorant people running their mouths about things that they know little about, nor could they ever comprehend such things.:wave:

    EDIT-I only pointed out one person's many errors, because he felt the need to point out one of mine, which is not an error but the way i represent the ignorant.

  5. Oh im sorry, I forgot YOUR comments were the most mindful and relevant.

    Look man, you're new here, youre just going to have to accept the fact that we dont appreciate negativity, unless its well deserved. In this case, your the new guy who just butts into a thread, and starts telling everyone how stupid they are without contributing the slightest bit to this conversation.
    Just chill out and go find interesting threads that YOU want to post in.
    If you dont like a thread, just stay away from it.

    And i'd rather see a thread like this in rec use from time to time rather than the 3x10^90 "how do i pass a dt" threads.
  6. I'll admit that i have a strong sense of pride for my country and etc. and this would be the reason why i said what i said. I don't apreciate when people constantly criticize the U.S. only on PROPAGANDA.

    You simply cannot make a thread claiming false statements about one's country and government without getting some sort of rebuttle. I am not at fault here, so do not try and make it seem so.

    It's funny how I'm new and i know the rules better than everyone else?

    But however for the sake of GC I will not take this any further, because there is no point in this arguement and there is no point in this thread, just mindless talk.

  7. Rebuttle? You just came in and told the OP how he was an idiot, and how everyone after him was retarted. Did you try to prove them wrong in any way?

    Thats not a rebuttle thats flaming.

    Im done too...
  8. Bush will be out of office soon. Also Iraq doesn't have tons of oil, they only have a small percent and iran is actually looking to be a threat its not just America who is affected by the Middle east its the whole world but America is the only one who does anything.

  9. IDK dude, middle eastern extremists are just fucking pissed off...
    Of course its not like were making the situation any better, in fact by declaring war on irak, weve declared war on the muslim nation as a whole. Our conflics arent going to end any time soon.
  10. Well, I know I am not the most informed person on this matter, but here goes. I believe that we invaded Iraq to show the rest of the Middle East where the power lies. Bush wanted to show Iran and Saudi Arabia that we have the resources and balls to invade a country on false pretenses. The fact is, the cost of the war monetarily will outweigh any oil money that may come out of Iraq when all is said and done. I also believe that Iran is next on our list. Get ready for Gulf War 3, kiddies! Yay, senseless violence! :(
  11. Extremists are always looking for something to bitch about. I'm just glad the shit going over there i.e suicide bombings isn't going on over here.
  12. We went into Iraq to stop the rule of Saddam Hussein and to protect the citizens. Saddam needed to be stopped, so... the U.S. did the job. You can't allow a strong and dangerous leader to gain more power. Not only did her kill thousands of people, but he could have/still has weapons of mass destruction. Now i know this isn't a risk that the U.S. wanted to take.

    Much of the world does not understand the U.S. and they claim we are trying to conquer and control the world. But, we only want to PROTECT the world, since many countries and many people cannot do it for themselves.

    the U.S. freed Iraq and it's citizens of a brutal dictator. You cannot let cruel people to gain that much power, we made that mistake with hitler, but this time we got it right.

    to me, that is a war well won already.
  13. Hey man. Are you an admin? Do you moderate what goes in this forum and what should be in its right place? Is it your job to find things where there not supposed to be and post an ignorant statment stating that? You saw all the posts and you found it was your duty to be a prick. "But however for the sake of GC I will not take this any further, because there is no point in this arguement and there is no point in this thread, just mindless talk." Congratulations! You have saved this forum from mindless posts by not taking this any further. No point in your posts; just gotta correct everything thats wrong and add no insight or new information to the acutal post. So why do you do it? With only 11 posts you have cemented your name in the history books of GC regulars forever. You should have remained a guest here. Hahahaha done
  14. If only it was that simple... I don't think that oil is the number one reason America is in Iraq. America gets the majority of their oil from Canada believe it or not. So if it was about the oil, we'd be invading Canada. There are tons of reasons we're in Iraq (none of which I really think are good enough for the damage being caused). I certainly don't think America has any plans on 'conquering' the country, because no other country on the face of the planet would let that happen. If it got to the point where America was doing that I'm pretty sure another country would step in, to kick our asses.

    Of course there maybe be countless reasons we are in Iraq, but like many of you I feel most war is not productive at all, and isn't going to get anybody anywhere (especially in this situation). But I don't think anything is going to change until Bush is out of office, and somebody a little more open minded is.
  15. I'm back to argue with the DICK HEAD who calles himself PIEF, Ready asshole

    Actually, if the name calling continues and the disrespect remains, you won't be back for anything at Grasscity!!! *RMJL
  16. Where r u , Ya big heep of shit? Bush Dick sucker. Child? LMFAO @ asholes like U

  17. U speak shit and have nothing to back it up, like ur president. Agrue with u LMAFO, U are a retard.There is no aguement I feel sorry for ya .

  18. Saddam Hussein had NO power before we invaded iraq. Do you seriously think Iraq is better off now? The war has caused an enormous surge of immigrant jihad fighters, there are more terrorist attacts now than there ever was in iraq, 2500 us soldiers are dead, and an *estimated* 40000 civilian deaths, and so far, we've spent 280,000,000,000 dollars.
    And what has been accomplished?
    -We got saddam's lazy ass out of his hole.
    -We had elections that were fucked up by terrorist threats
    -and we basically fucked up irak's infrastructure, and bombed the shit out of a whole bunch of cities.

    "to me, that is a war well won already."

    Yeah pretty well won.

    280,000,000,000 dollars is enough money to sustain a global anti-hunger efforts for 11 years.

  19. Wow you're just as stupid as him arent you?
  20. And why is that stupid? lebowstupid?

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