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  1. Me and my roomate were sitting here (high) talking about the war. Like, the reason we went to iraq is cause the governemtn was like "were gonna check your country for nuclear weapons, oh there arent any. Well were here anyways, might as well conquer you" And that's pretty much what they're doing. Like, of course they dont say that on TV, but think about it, thats probably what the rest of the world thinks. And then I thought, thats how the country is dealing with the gas price, instead of buying it were just gonna take over the country so its ours.

    Does that make sense? Im blaze so im not sure.
  2. Its mostly because of all the oil over there brother

    lol toke on....:hello:
  3. yea take over the country so the oil is ours and we dont have to buy it form them. excellent we solved something
  4. Lmao now if I can only solve the mystery of where my controller went....
  5. While it is about the oil, it's not about seising control of it... My own personal theories have to do witht he fact that the Bush family has such close ties to the Bin Laudens, especially George Bush Sr. and, like father like son George Jr wants in on the action. There are alot of things about this situation that really catches my attention... It seems the farther we (my family) get from the military the easier it is too see, and I'm not happy about it in the least!! I'm up for a lynching!

    ~ Terpsichore
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  6. Eh, its a tough subject. Did you know the Alberta Tarlands in Canada have enough Hydrocarbons to fuel the whole entire planet for over 100 years? The whole earth, i have read, has an infinite amount of Hydrocarbons. People think we're running out of oil cause we're running out of cheap oil, found, in the Middle East. Liquid, clean and ready to refin. So easy to pull it up out the ground, less than $5 a barrel. Well, now that gas is over $3 a gallon in many many places, companys keep it that way for profit.

    My brother is in Iraq, and i pray for him everyday. I cant even think about it..it pisses me off too much. *Reaches for the bong* :bongin:
  7. I think there are reasons that we are over there that most Americans don't know about. TV and the media are meant to keep us stupid and quiet. Alex Jones has a really good web page that talks a lot about the conspiracies with 9/11. www.infowars.com
  8. First Bush is a complete dick.

    We R there for 2 reasons , first Isreal, second oil.

    As far as having an oilsupply, its not the same as the oil we know of. Its' in rocks and sand, trucks can drive on it. The oil we think of now is in lakes under the ground. The oil we get from the lakes is eaiser to get and refine. The Canada stuff is going to cost a fortune to refine. So yes ur right Canada does have it , but intil they can figure a way to refine it cheaper, it well still cost big $$$$$$$. So yes we have it , is it practical , mmmmm not yet.

    Ya see Isreal is first.They have $$$$$, check out how influnced they are in our stock market.Can ya tell me Isreal nuclear capassity.No we don't ask? But we ask everyone else? If oil was the first reason they would be in Africa were I think the second largest supply is, and no killing of the poor. See Chinas intrest, there.
  9. Yes we are incredibly lazy. Next up on the list for domination is Iran. No doubt, that's where were goin next. Permanent post

    It's so fucked up
  10. yup and i can assure you that now they are only discussing wether to attack before or after the midterms.
  11. You have smoked yourself retarded.
  12. Ok if we went over there for all the oil then explain to me why since we have been there gas prices have increased to record highs. I could understand for the first year but we have been there for a while so prices should have gone down. thats just logic
  13. LOL at shroomtycon, Dude , ur right prices should have went down. It's the Bush big bussiness, make the rich richer. Have U seen the profit for Exon/Moble? Try 8 billion first quarter. THATS PROFIT, AFTER BILLS ARE PAID and they still have 3 quarters left this yr.Its about oil and Big $$$$$$$ for Big Business. Not For Us. How many rich kids die in war?

    Iran? I have to agree with them. Why can't they have nuclear energy for electricity Isreal does, Pakastan, India, Oh and they all have the bomb, but guess whos friend they R USA's . Russia and China is not behind us on this one. And we really don't have any more army to go around (Bush to that away). So The only way is to strum up some support from the outside world , But ya know alot of them see Bush as a Dick and ain't following this time.So he turns to the UN the same UN he went against when he invaded Iraqi. If this asshole want to invade somebody and do the FN contry some good, Invade Mexico, We send them 20 million(only second to there oil) a yr from there illegals sending money home. Again Bush look the other way. Not one dime toward border control. Oh wait A little mind terror Mad Cow? Bird Flue, terror, mmm color code terror. He is just the biggest joke. Be for warned Watch out for that F*cken Jeb, he is pure evil in sheep clothing.mmmmm jeez I feel better, another bong.
  14. Good post, so true. Bid flu BULLSHIT that shit is the biggest BS i have ever heard. A bird flu epidemic is something to laugh at, crap on, run through a machine press then shit on again after eating 20 Grande tacos from TB. It's all for profit for the smallest percentage richest comunnitys. As Greentoes said, make the rich richer. If i ever met George Bush and he reached out to shake my hand i would probably just reach in then pull away, brush my hair back with my hand (ya know) and just begin laughing in his face for a good hour (if they let me :)) and if they ever removed me i would just start yelling profanities at him. And i hope there is alot of press coverage. Oh yes, i am a childish :bongin:
  15. LOL, i'd love to see that!!
  16. this is grasscity.com, not to be confused for a political forum for hemi-retarded people to state their idiotic opinions as facts.

    "Recreational Marijuana Use"

    and you are an idiot.

    Watch the name calling, please. *RMJL
  17. Hey Romain Me and U wouldn't be invited. They are all invite only. I'm serious.Thats what all the assholes in the crowd cheer.
  18. Wake up idiot fact BUSH HATES WEED just like ur idiotic opinion just then. :wave:

    Disrespect doesn't flaot at the City. *RMJL

  19. just wanted to point out the irony...calling someone retarded and making a really dumb typo...huzzah!

  20. Yeah w/e we know.

    The reason were in irak imo is due to the military-industrial complex. Congressmen have stock in defense companies, so a war not only makes them richer, but it also creates jobs, especially in states where defense contractors pull alot of wheight, its good for governors to push them as they create jobs.

    Basically a war makes our economy run, war=money, money=everything.

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