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Wet Weed..

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Sebulous, Mar 17, 2016.

  1. So my mate just tipped the bong all over the chopped bowl of weed, got a fan running over it at the moment and drained most of the water out, the weed is just damp. Is this batch fucked or is it salvageable?
  2. It will dry
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  3. You'll still get buzzed from it. I would dry it and mix it with untouched weed and roll it all up into a doobie. Smoking just that wet weed after it dries will be harsh and full of flavor lol.

    Jokes aside, it might taste a lil off, but it will def get you high.
  4. Yeah tasted pretty awful, not gonna lie. Did nothing to the quality though, just glad that THC isn't harmed by water, would've been a nightmare if it was a beer haha.
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  5. THC isn't water soluble, put it under hair drier for a while. No, it wont kill you but wont burn or taste right, dont keep for long bc of mold. IMO If ur that worried toss it and wait till re up not worth it for a bowl.

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  6. It's not ruined but you'll want to be careful drying it. If you overdue it, it'll be a pretty harsh smoke. Than again if you underdue it then it has a chance of getting moldy.

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