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Wet Feet

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Silent Fran, Nov 3, 2014.

  1. Recently I have had some weird experiences after smoking weed. After 15 minutes or so (after smoking) my feet start to get wet for some weird reason. 
    I noticed this when I was sitting in my room just minding my own business, and then I got up to close the window and when I started walking it made a weird noise as if I spilled a bit of water on the floor. So I looked under my feet and saw that I was really sweating. 
    The place where I was sitting at had a wet spot on the floor too. It looked wack. I wasn't really paranoid or anything. But has this happened to anyone else and is there a was to stop it (if there is any)
    - Things That I Have Tried To Stop This
    • I changed from smoking out of Aleda papers (transparent papers) to Rizla. Also tried Raw papers.
    • Tried different strains. Sativa and Indica
    • I also tried to lower the amount of intake and when I do that, I don't sweat BUT then I don't get high. 
    P.S: I have been smoking for about 2 years now and this only started happening last month.

  2. Turn the A/C on bro.
  3. If I get really high I'll sweat like a motherfucker. Especially my palms.
    Ain't that some shit. Have you found a way to stop it from happening? 
  5. It's just the weed causing the standard orgasm. Moistness will subside once soberness is achieved.
    Is this a common thing?
    With good enough weed and genitalia, yes.
  8. Gross

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    It's not that disgusting as much as it is annoying tbh. 
  10. your water broke..
    get to a hospital asap.
    I've never heard of anyone sweating from being high. But if you smoke cannabis mixed with tobacco, the nicotine rush can make your palms and head sweaty.
     I used to smoke weed mixed tobacco in my early days (about 2 yrs back) and I never had this problem. 
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    Happened to me a few times back in my scrub days. But it appears you're not alone and I am honestly surprised to find out this is an actual thing.  :blink:

    PS. I sweat my ass off for hours if I consume even the slightest bit of coffee, but haven't experienced any increase with weed. It truly affects people in a very different variety. 
    That was a dope thread you linked. I am not sure if this is anxiety related coz I used to have anxiety problems before too. I would feel like my heart was about to burst out my chest coz it was beatin so fast. And at time when I was just trying to relax i would feel like there was something moving inside my chest. 
    I resolved that issue tho so it's all gud now. Just the sweating that needs to be stopped!
    For anxiety and/or panic attacks I can only recommend trying out high-CBD strains. All the better if you've solved it!  :wave:
    The perspiration issue intrigues me. Do you feel warm/hot where you notice increased perspiration?
    As far as I can remember I don't feel any warmth and like I stated in the OP it was kind of a surprise the first time. I do feel an irritation tho
  17. What a strange effect  :confused_2:

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