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  1. I live in Oregon. I believe I just read that days begin getting shorter in mid July.

    M plants were planted at varying heights from 9 inches to four feet. They have grown quite literally, like weeds. Tallest plant I look up to and I'm 6'7inches tall.

    If days began shortening in mid July,I would be looking at harvest in September? I see no signs of flowers yet. Should I be feeding flowering ferts now, or wait till I see signes of flowers?

    I'm relying on thisbeing a bumper crop. Twelve plants, trainwreck, Mandala No.1, Mandala Kalichukra, and one no idea. Any crop size guestimates?





  2. :hello: Hey I live in oregon too! lol its cool to know that there is someone close around that is hitting the pipe as well unforunatly im a newbie and dont know shit about growing except if you plant and water it it will surely grow! holy cow your babys are huge compared to mine mine is only 17 inches tall and i planted around April or may not sure i noticed it in the begening of june though may be late may? I have a bad memory or smoke entirely too much for my budget! lol! But im gonna transplant my kid into a 5er tomarrow after i get feedback on my post! You should check it out if you have time or remember and tell me what you think since you live in the same region as myself! at least i am guessing that you do? I live in Merlin which is southern oregon near medford! Where are you at! I not a cop but if you dont want to tell me thats cool i would understand! Have a nice on and remember smoke until you choke!Late!
  3. I'm in North east Oregon; because of it's size, I won't mention town, but Umatilla County.

    Prtty hot here. Tallest plant just toped 6'6"", but they were indoor plants moved outside for remodel which took way to long.

    They are doing just great. First outdoor plants, and so far, I think I'm gonna be impressed with end results. I only know that there are two female, 10 others from seed. Did not clone for sex, so need to wait till they begin flowering to determine what I have. Hoping for a big ole sack!!!!

    Good luc,

  4. hell yeah mine grew an inch just over nite! Also when do you think that I should start the flowering process? And mine is still only 18 inches is that bad? Thanx for your help and replying to my message! smoke a bowl for me man i had to quit today too build up my tolerance again! I was smoking a 50 sack, an 8th to my head in 2-3 days and that gets expensive after awhile! you know what i mean! well gonna go transplant my baby now talk to you some other time! -K-!
  5. Days have been getting shorter since first day of summer but now this is accelerating. Just when your plants will start to flower is strain specific I have noticed that a few of mine, supposedly white widow, are starting to bud but my early misty are probably a week or two away. I usually wait until they are a week or two into flower before using flowering ferts but I'm no expert. Cooler nights as well as shorter days accelerate the budding process.

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