We're All Soldiers

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  1. It seems like we never stop fighting. Whether it be socially, politically, economically etc.

    I got to thinking, life is extremely hard and we must be resilient to its harsh influence. We're at war with our enemies, our friends, and ourselves. The fact that we can deal with it on a daily basis baffles me. Let me throw some Darwinism in here.
    Since we need to be resilient or relatively emotionless, do you think the population of America is very slowly moving to a more callous population? I mean, the people with more emotion either commit suicide or are forced to oust their feelings before it kills them.

    We see a little of this with what our society has become. More violence, more sex, more drugs. We continually need more stimulation to provoke our feelings.

    On to the social war. Don't worry about the economic and political wars, i'm sure we all have an idea of the problem and it'd be like beating a dead horse.

    Whether we're at school or work, most of us are forced to be somewhat sociable. Well, to me, this is almost like a battlefield.
    You have your spies, or intel, gathering information on other people. You probably know that i'm talking about friends. Are you sure this intel is correct? Who knows. We can't make important decisions without reliable information.

    When, or if, you carry out said decisions, you have to worry about the press. Other people, of course.
    How could the action you make impact your reputation and image? Do you think the action will bring negativity in the future?

    I might add to this later. I'm somewhat tipsy and tired.

    So, do you blades agree, disagree or just think i'm super paranoid?
  2. Do I agree that we're all soldiers?

    Yeah... but no...

    Not soldiers.

    More like, warriors.

    Yeah... I like that better...

    We are all warriors... fighting for our survival... and for our families.
  3. Well, i thought about it more and i think General is a better word.
    Soldiers/warriors fight, but generals have to plan everything out.
  4. Who do you fight for, soldier?
  5. Think about it, soldiers don't fight for anything. They do it because they have to.
  6. Who says you have to?
  7. Soldiers do it because they like it.
  8. I think everything your saying is just part of being human. it isnt a recent thing that we gossip or pick on each other. people have written about this stuff since writing came out. thats a down side to being a species that rely's on social structures.
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    you, OP, should read Sun Tzu.... You'd get a wealth of knowledge on how better to carry out our daily battles, if you read it in the right way

    edit: LOL i said values instead of battles wtf
  10. the art of war is an amazing book thanks for bringing it up rep+ for you.
  11. I just fuckin' battle through shit, man. I am a fucking warrior.
  12. Poet and warrior.
  13. Nobody says it, like the the other poster said, it's human nature.

    They like it until they experience it.

    I shall look this shit up.
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    Society has gone to shit and it will only get worse. My world has always been fucked up and I thought there has to be a better world out there. I lived in the projects and ghettos of America. I became a soldier or a warrior not because I wanted to but because that's what society created.

    And they created a beast. My life was so fucking crazy. I would probably get banned from this forum if I talked about the details of my life.

    I have since moved on. I moved out to the mountains and now live life as a simple weed farmer. But the gentle warrior within me lives on and I believe it should.

  15. Lemme know what you think man

    it helped me better understand conflict ;p

    btw i fucked up my first post lol fixed
  16. I just got done with energy. Decent read so far.
  17. We can't ALL be generals... somebody has to do the physical work... I'm down for it man. I'll be your warrior. Sword is my choice of weapon.


    They fight because their generals ordered them to.

    What did you learn from him?
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    We are all generals in a way.
    Most of us think about the way we do things. This is planning.
    For the most part, soldiers carry out the planning.

    Oh and uh, chain and sickle > katana


    Yes, but, generals fight for the victory of their country.

    1. I'm a defensive kind of person. I'll never gain any ground.

    2. Although i do use deception, i don't use it enough.
    I go the direct route and put forth the most effort where some planning would have cut effort in half.

    3. When you win all the time flawlessly, you never receive a reward. If you lose some and then win, the glory is much greater.

    4. "Therefore the good fighter will be terrible in his onset, and prompt in his decision."

    I love that quote. It's hard to fight a sharp and frightening enemy.

    Edit: This weekend i'm getting weed for the first time in a few months. I should be able to absorb and visualize his lessons easier.
  19. This is such an enjoyable post. :smoke:


    I'm glad to see you learning good stuff from an old master... I'm talking about Sun Tzu of course...

    If I had to say one thing that I learned from him, I would have to say that...

    "Everything is useless."
  20. We are all Buddhas.


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