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We're all Potheads here, BUT...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by bluntface, Dec 11, 2002.

  1. what do you guys do? As in professions, or future professions, or stuff you guys are studying...

    I had enough with posts inquiring how much we can smoke, cuz we all know we can smoke it down like there's no tomorrow! Soo... I'm just curious, because a lot of you guys sound very intelligent and are very knowledgable in all fields discused in these threads.

    so just post up your job titles, school majors, post high school plans... ect

    If this is totally irelavent or too Inquisitive... just lemme know!

  2. -i'm in my second year at university if Toronto studying computer science

    -teach swimming to all ages to support the fact that i am CHRONIC herb smoker!
  3. still in school. after that who knows what
  4. im in high school ...
  5. Yep, senior at an annoying private high school right now. Definitely going to college...i will finally be able to smoke more than once or twice just during the weekends, hell yeah!
  6. heh bluntface im in OAC (for non-canadians, LAST YEAR of highschool)

    My university applications are due by mid january and Unviersty of Toronto is my first choice!!

    I personally wanna go into business......well see after my undergrad
  7. Repo man!
  8. School to me is a fast fading memory.

    R+D machinist.

    Basketball coach.

    Softball coach.



    Bald hippee redneck.
  9. Professional ASS HOLE!!!!!!!!!

    AKA Construction>>>>>>company owner>>>>>>




    Farmer on spare time!
  10. Sophomore in high school
    planning on MIT, I think I have a pretty good chance
    mm... toking and robots... mmmmmmmmm
  11. I'm an IT Manager/Network Administrator for a company in Indiana. Fun work and nothing like having a great satillite (sp?) connection to the Internet!!
  12. sohpmore in highschool....future owner of u think im kidding, but im not. my dad is a part owner and CEO of all the hooters in texas and i get them and his job as soon as i get out of colllege. hahha, i cant wait.
    1k an hour..... *drool*
  13. lots of respect to the dads and moms out there... by far i think its the hardest profession/commitment/carreer... yet at the same time most rewarding...

  14. i haven't been on the city much lately because i've been so busy i'm in my 2nd year of business school (to learn to run my business better and learn more about it), and i own a small skatepark and skate store, and smoke a lot of weed but i 'm hoping to open a club sometime in the near future and who knows what'll come up next
  15. Uh, senior in high school. Got into UT at Knoxville, plan on going either there, Cornell, Seton Hall (I can get a scholarship there), or Vanderbilt. Just need to break 30 this next time on the ACT...
  16. i am a junior in high school and i actually have plans. i can play division 1 soccer for almost any school in the south, i got a letter back yesterday stating i can play at unc-charlotte. also, i would love to be an architect and design houses. however, my biggest goal is to live somewhere cold where i can ski all the time and just lay around really.
  17. full time student at university of illinois studying arcitechture and full time smoker.

    i gots the danks!!!!!!!!!!
  18. Being a full time student at a college in Connecticut is hard work dude, but I can deal as long as the weed is plentiful and the the skies are clear.
  19. I work at a Stauffers by my house in the nursery dept. I like ti there cause i can get all my growning supplies for cheaper, and we all know that decient worm castings arent cheap... plus i like working with flowers
  20. wow. i really like this thread... lets see, i'm an uncle (my sister still lives at home so i help out with the baby a lot), i work at papa john's for school lunch, but am currently looking for a second part-time job during the afternoon-evening... i graduated HS in 2001 (thank God that's over, lmao)... as for the future... i'm not sure. i know i wanna further my education, but i have no clue what i want to do for a career...

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