Went to venice beach to replace a piece...

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  1. and came back with 2!!!!

    First shop of the day we actually go inside turns out really cool... the guy goes to help me and he reminded me of Borat, and he's like how much you looking to spend? So I tell him 150-200. Start going through the merch.. we decide on one, talk him down to 160 for the bag bong bowl and down stem as he whispers (dont tell my boss) after which he shouts to the lady, "HOOK these guys up for 160! no tax, I went to high school with these guys lol" Get to the lady and she starts questioning me on what high school and what year I graduated, so I'm coming up with shit on the fly and she goes "geeeze for 160 what did you do take him in the back and blow him?" hahaha here she is, waiting for my bud to get here to shmoke and name her. :D


    and my second piece I haggled the shop owner into an opal ring for my gf and a easyvape for 100 bucks! Today was a success
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    +reppp venice beach... Lived out there for quite some time..... litterally on the beach ^^.

    Sick peice, you get it from Venice Glassworks or what.

    You think that you haggled them but, they prob bought that bong for 40$ from some glassblower.

    You always walk out of venice thinking that you left with some great stuff, when really a bunch of scums came up on you.
  3. not gonna lie, sick bong.
  4. yeah, well its still a good deal none the less, out where I live similar can go for 300 bucks.
  5. Niiiiice bong! Looks gorgeous!
    Tell us how it hits!
  6. coughed up a storm on the first hit like a rook :p hahaha jk I underestimated it. That bottom beaker area milked so fat so when I went to clear it smoke ninjas started scratching my throat with their little swords..
  7. if you ever go back hit up la la land! lots of compassion if you know how to talk business, highly recommend any of there house blown pieces.
  8. green bic ftw! exactly the same lighter i use haha [:
    anyways nice pick up, and that was a sick milk! have you named her yet?
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    playing around with a few names...

    Kaleidoscope is one

    so, started thinking, the deceiver, since what you see is NOT what you milk with this bong, the water only goes halfway up from the bottom, so there's all of that extra volume down there waiting to deceive and fuck your shit up. Take right now for instance, really really lit off a few snaps lol.
    Then I started thinking Decepticon, then moved one step farther and landed on Star Scream...What do you guys think?
  10. Damn. That's one beautiful piece man.
  11. Sweet peice, and thats funny you had to make shit up on the fly. How many holes/ slits in that perc?
  12. weirdest thing just happened, So this bong doesn't have an elbow like most bongs instead there's a hole the down stem just fits into, well I was getting ready smoke out of it, loading the water, slip the down stem in and the female receiver just straight separates from the down stem part and got stuck inside the bong, it was a bitch to get it out, gonna have to get a new one today

  13. wth? they should def replace that for free, like i said if you go back to venice go into la la land, best shop hands down in my opinion, quality bongs all around, love there thc line, way nice for the money, there line def shits on any roor or name brand percd tubes ive ever hit, sticker price is a lil steep but with enough knowledge dropping you may get 50% cuts on the house.

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