Went to sleep sober...woke up high o.o

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by garfield206, Aug 28, 2008.

  1. It was really strange...I dreamt about blazin cause i havent done it in a while...and woke up...seriously..higher than i've ever been...
    Ever happen to anyone else?
  2. Yup, but the effect never lasts for more than a minute for me
  3. didnt know that was possible..

    looks like i got a new goal.;)
  4. Ya, when I get it it seems to be when that dreaming but just waking up phase lasts longer... I love it
  5. Yeah it was pretty sweet...but very..very intense..my head was goin crazy...
  6. ive had my partner blow smoke in my face while im asleep and i wake up blazed haha. its tripped out.
  7. This only happens to me when I eat brownies.
  8. i woke up the other day and was FUCKED for about 5 minutes. i woke up and everything was blurry, so i try to get up, and no equilibrium i just crash into my desk or something. it was pretty bad. just blinked out of it tho
  9. mayby you just got up to fast.
    how long did the high last?
  10. I think it's just a placebo high. The dream tricked your brain into thinking you were really toking up when you in fact weren't. How long did it last? It should only take you around 30 seconds-2 minutes to realize that it was all just a dream and you're not really high.
  11. yea i had a dream i was blazing and didnt burn the night before or anything and woke up feeling high even my eyes were red but it went away in a minute
  12. haha the same type of thing happens to me except its a it different

    if i smoke alot one day, then go to bed, when i wake up i still kinda feel buzzed and im like retarted for the whole day, like i can barely hold a train of thought and i get that effect where everything that happens to you that day feels like it was a year ago or im like...did that just happen or did i imagine that?
  13. yo Garfield 206..is there any chance you went to garfield highschool in seattle?:wave:
  14. yeah man..
    and to the other people...i couldnt tell how long it lasted...went straight to sleep after..and i didnt wake up to fast...
  15. yeah this same shit has happened to me. I woke up from a dream where i was smokin and doin some thizz pills and i woke up hella fucked up but it only lasted a couple minutes.
  16. When I first went on a tolerance break, I would have frequent dreams about smoking... unfortunately none of them actaully resulted in me being high :(
  17. yeah i looked this up cuz i was just sitting and ihadnt smoked for a while suddenly everything was like i was high

    i wonder if we can develop a mode where we can turn it on and off.

    as a musician I'd love that haha
  18. pretty much everytime i fall asleep is from being baked (i can never sleep sober, i feel too awake ), so naturally i wake up high but it doesnt last long

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