went out whoring tonight with a single friend

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  1. yeah i went out with a single friend to pull him some puss,,,i aint went bar hopping in a while,,, being married and all that, these whores was all over me,,,, i aint no ugly fellow i dirty danced with 2 chicks and i think that started the ball rolling,,,, i was just there for support for my friend,,,i had like 5 numbers given to me,,, well on the ride home i threw these #s on the interstate,,, i dont need them im very well taken care of at my own house,,,, anyone who cant get laid ,,aint trying hard enough,,,,, i did nothing but stand discreet , and watch,,,,, and these hoes was on me like flies on shit,,,, i guess i still got it going on,,,,,,,, to all youll who cant get laid,,,, i feel 4 u ,,, i could have cheated so easily tonight,,,, but my wife is #1,,,,, noone can compare to her,,,,this may be a silly post, ,,,,but its something i observed,,,,, thats all ,,:smoking: see yah
  2. The only reason it's silly is because you suck nuts at making a readable post. Other than that... good story, kind of.

    Did your friend score?

    The point isn't if it's possible... is if it's possible with someone who's NOT a slut.
  3. there aint nothing but sluts in this town.. he didnt score, as in bringing one home,, he concentrated on this 1 chick,,, he got her #,, but it proably aint even her #,, hahaha,,,,
  4. That's cool I guess.

    So, um, why all the ,,,,,,,,,
  5. the . and the , key aren't interchangable.
  6. Anybody can fuck a drunk slut, but most of us don't want to. The best are people's moms, I almost had one of those American Pie moments with a friend of a friends drunk slut mom. But I didn't. Then one of my best friends banged her.
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  8. this reminds me of the home inprovment episode where tim has to go clubbing with al

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