Wen my parents found out bout me smokin weed.

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  1. I remember when my Parents found i was smoking weed when i was 14.My uncle came around n i had just gotten back from a m8s house where we use to steal her dads weed n smoke in the pool shed.Anyway i got home baked off my head sat down with everyone n just started piggin out on munchies.N my uncle bein a stoner knew as soon as i walked in i was stoned. bout 15 minutes later i got up to go to da toilet..got back n found my uncle sitting there tlkaing to my parents bout weed lol conversation went on n sumhow it turned to my uncle asking if i had any weed n me pulling half a stik out of my sock (searched by coppas on the way home forgot to take it outa my sock lol) next thing i knew my uncle pulls my bong outa my bag n convinces my parents to try weed...N THEY DID LOL rest of the nyte was completely laid bak n no pressure never even got the "weed will destroy your life" lecture .That was the first time my parents had smoked weed n (to my knowledge) they havnt done it again since.
  2. Thats pretty crazy man. First time I got drunk with my mom was at Christmas and my uncle, aunt and their friend lit up but didnt ask me :(
  3. thats fucking pimp, my dad stole my weed one time and when i stole it back he was so pissed, so i go "ur only pissed cause i stole it back n u were gonna smoke it"
  4. oh mann :( i wish i could tell my rents
  5. How did your uncle just 'pull out a bong'? Does he carry one with him everywhere just in case he catches a relative smoking :p
  6. His uncle pulled out his (the posters) bong out of (the posters) bag.


  7. Oh. :eek:
  8. he had a bong in his sock?? :hello: sweet...
  9. ^^^^ he didnt hav a bong in his sock........ he had a stick in his sock...... a stick over here is a 20 bag over there or 2 grams of weed
  10. I remember back when i was a teenager my dad was in the shower and i found his sack so i took some of it and went and smoked..as soon as i got back he was sitting on the couch looking at his weed..he asked me if i took any of it..i told the truth to him And he really didnt even care..being as i only took a gram from about a Oz.

    But From Then on My Dad and Me Smoked just about every night:)

    ~T h C~
  11. haha wish my parents smoked cones with me :(
  12. my dad used to smoke alot in college and when he was a young adult, he's around 50 now. he finds my pieces and sacks occasionally now and gives them back no questions asked. his only request is that i don't do it too much. i kind of want to propisition him with the idea of smoking a bowl with me some time. not sure how to approach the subject though.
  13. Damn...your dad has a eye like a hawk if he can tell a G is missing from an OZ
  14. The other night, just casually I asked my mom to blaze with me. She just laughed and said, 'I dont think I'd do it with my son'. Then I walk down stairs to go blaze and just as I got to the stairs I was like, ' if you change you mind, come downstairs whenever'. Unfortunatly she never did. One of these times.

  15. awesome uncle, dude +Re
  16. Damn you're a one lucky mofo to have such chill siblings. When my mom found out that I smoke, all I got was stare downs when I get him blitted. Not anymore tho, so Its all good I guess.

  17. wouldnt doubt he had the gram out ready to smoek after his shower.. hehe
  18. lol, everyone's worried about what their parents/family would do if they found out they smoked, and THEY smoke. If my parents found out, no question, military school/would call the cops on their own son. Atleast I'm graduated now :)
  19. daawwwwwwwww.
  20. The idea of blazing with your parents sounds cool and all but coming from someone whos been faded at many family gatherings i must tell you it isnt as cool as it seems. Its way more akward than anything.

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