Well whats wrong with these girls

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  1. Soil grow (FFOF) Tiger bloom and Big Bloom Nutes, 6.0 PH run off water 5 weeks into flower. Mr. Nice guy strain (Indica)

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  2. More data 150w CFL. I am using PH strips so I can only come close to exact. Budget grow. Water every 5 days. I just gave her a gallon staright distilled water. SHould I drain it out a water her again. If I cany fix her I will just harvest. Help here are some good buds

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  3. Looks like a pretty severe N or P deficiency. More likely P at week 5 with the look of those leaves.

    Are the petioles red, or the veins reddening at all?

    edit: could be K, too, Actually... maybe not enough of your tiger bloom nute?
  4. As a matter of fact there are several that look dark redish and some turning red. What does that mean?

    I hope she can be saved if not its an early harvest. I have been feeding as per the FF schedule may be its Nute lock out SO i just gave her a gallon of fresh water..I am curious as to the meaning of the red petioles

  5. Well tracked down the red petioles to be a Phosphorus deficiency, So the solution is to get a chem. fertilizer containing P and use it. So, in hopes of getting her back on track I have used some miracle grow with an 8% P ratio. SO I hope to see her spring back to life and keep on trucking in a few days. ANother three weeks till harvest so there should be time. Thanks

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