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well well well... it seems cottons hasn't disappeared afterall :D

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by IGotTheCottons, Sep 8, 2003.

  1. well... sorta. i'm sneaking on my sister's SN right now so i don't even know if i'm going to get to finish this post. anywayz, how's everyone been? stoned probably :p LOL

    anywayaz, due to lack of jobs that last longer than 3 weeks, i've been pretty broke lately. what money i have made has all gone to bills, so i had to get rid of the net to pay off more important ones.

    but yeah, i'll probably stop by every now and then to say hello, but i probably won't be here much (if at all) for quite a while. just thought i'd stop by to let everyone know what was goin on.

    so yeah... i found this new dank connect. best buds in town... some of the best i've ever smoked, and at a decent price ($45 for a hooked up eigth). the buds are almost white, and the crystals are rainbow collered when the sun hits 'em just right. he's also had white russian (which is some killer shit btw). my friends and i also found a black widow connect (hooked us up with a gram for $10 one day... blew our minds, LOL).

    well... i'm gonna go check around. hope all's well with everyone!

    peace out!
  2. It's about time ya got your butt back here Cottons!! Glad that you're doing ok!! Lots been going on in the City. Glad to have you back with us friend!! :D
  3. HEY COTTONS!!!!! :D its so good to hear from you! :) I miss ya buddy!!! awe, I wish you could spend more time playing..but this is better than nothing! I think about you, so dont forget that. and make sure you do fill us in once and a while. :) we miss the cottons!!
  4. COTTONS, OH COTTONS, how you have been missed!


    I'd tell you but you already know.

  5. LOL... never said IIII was the one buying the weed. i bought a quarter a while back... but the guy has it all the time. some dude i used to go to highschool with. lol. friend's have bought it more recently... stuff really kicks my ass :D
  6. sweet, hope you can get some more money fer weed, and to come back more !!
  7. good to see ya! been along time:)
  8. whats up dude?

    Ima mod now! haha crazy

    well just wanted to brag :p, and say whats up dude? ...
  9. good to see you again mate, been a while.....hope you get back on soon, need some good bible thumping in out..........Sid
  10. Cottons!!!!! I've been missing you buddy. I hope you come into some cash flow soon so you can hang out with us some more.
  11. Coottons .. good to see you and your avi again..:D

    glad to hear your still alive, and still smoking atleast!! lookin forward to the day you can return full time...!

    peace out mayn:D
  12. Cottons you are missed. Maybe one of these days you can return to the stoners paradise and share you presence!

    Take care!
  13. cool, sucks you cant get a job...
  14. Miss you Cottons!

    Here's what's been new with me:

    I moved out of my mom's house
    My cat died
    I'm pregnant
    and they made me a mod!
  15. hey.... did anyone else feel that? that balance when cottons returned? :D we need ya here cottons. remember that.
  16. lol. thanks for all the kind words guys. it means a lot to me... definately good to hear i'm missed :)


    ::smacks self before getting too mushy::

    ahh... that's better. now, where was i?

    oh yeah! i got the job at target. saturday's my orientation, and i'll be getting my schedule for the next 2 weeks then... i have a few bills that need paying first, but after that i'll be back here full time once again

    ::does happy he's gonna be back at the city full time after a long duration of not being around the city due to bad luck finding a job dance.... NAKED:: LOL... and butthead... no staring at my ass this time! LOL

    peace out all!
  17. yeah it'll be good to have you back cottons...........Peace out...........Sid
  18. Look forward to seeing you here more Cottons!! :D
  19. I know I've not posted much, but I had noticed you weren't around.

    Just reading over everyone's replies makes me wonder something...

    Who here is NOT a mod?

    I think that would be funny to see. LOL

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