Well, this situation has become real shitty and I need some help

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    As a background story, this "friend" of mine had a $550 check he wanted me to cash for him (he didn't have a bank account) back in December. The deal was, I keep $50 just for cashing it for him and he gets $500 from it. A day after cashing it, I went to the bank to get it cashed. They said the money from the check was available so I thought it was all good and I went ahead and withdrew the $500. Boy were they wrong, it turned out the check bounced and I was out $500 after the withdraw. Fortunately I had money to pay it off so that didn't become too big of an issue. But the issue was that I still needed my money back from him.

    Winter break passed by without me saying a word to him during those 2 weeks because he lives like 30 minutes away and his phone was out of service. First day back to school I approach him about it and he said he will pay me back and all that good stuff. Here I am, 3 months after that incident and I have yet to get a penny back from him. Whenever I approach him about the situation, it's "I got you man, I just don't have a penny to my name right now". He hasn't shunned me away but it's blatantly obvious he won't pay me back. Yes, I made a dumbass decision to trust someone that sketch and I'm pissed off about it. What do you guys suggest me to do? Look for his address? Take legal action? I NEED HELP DAMMIT!

    Oh ya, please don't suggest me to kick his ass and call me a pussy for not thinking about doing it. The dude is twice my size, fighting is the least logical thing to do.

    One last note, I'm sure many of you will consider me to be pretty fucking stupid for thinking that check would not bounce. Look at it this way, at the time it looked like an easy $50 for me and he said he would smoke me up with part of that $500 (which he did). The check bouncing was the last thing I expected.

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    THIS THREAD WAS CREATED IN 2012 WHEN I WAS 18 YEARS OLD!! Please go to post #37 for updates!
  2. Shit he got you good, sorry man. Why would someone pay you to cash a check? obviously cuz he knew it would bounce. You can cash checks at wal mart for like 2 bucks. Youll just have to suck it up or get some friends and whoop his ass.

    Edit: sorry if that sounds kinda rude but there's really not much you can do about it
  3. No, you can only cash paychecks at Walmart. He also let me have that $50 since the check was "from his aunt" and I smoked him up a few times before.
  4. Threaten to call the police or sue him or something? If you're not gonna fight him...
  5. Ya, my parents know about it since they check my bank account (I'm not underage, chill out) and they are saying I should report it to the school. They are pissed off about it since they want me to save up money and to make it all better my dad does not believe one bit of the story (understandably).

    And I may go the pussy route and just threaten to call the cops or better yet, call the cops without a threat when he has bud around him.
  6. Small claims court. They can attach his salary and force him to pay back so much per month. (When you present your case, I would leave out about the part where he smoked you up.)

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    you shoulda trusted your instincts, you knew he was sketch. I don't think theres any legal action you can take so it's either rob him or move on. I would suggest just move on and avoid him cuz you will likely only get yourself in worse shit by trying anything else.
  8. Theres not much you CAN do..Sounds like he played you, you may need to play him in return
  9. I wouldn't take it to court, if you did he would certainly bring up weed and shit to try and get you in trouble. It wouldn't really be anything that would get you arrested but it could turn into an ordeal with your family and school.
  10. [quote name='"Storm Crow"']Small claims court. They can attach his salary and force him to pay back so much per month. (When you present your case, I would leave out about the part where he smoked you up.)


    All the documentation you need to make a case will be in your bank records. Especially because he is acknowledging the debt....

    He should be trying to get the $500 from the third party who wrote a bad check. That is against the law.
  11. it might be better to just cut your losses and burn that homie bridge if you're not gonna pursue legal action... i know, its an expensive lesson to learn, but you now know better.

  12. ya...dumbasses always spout off and implicate themselves with WORSE drug charges to get out of lesser theft/fraud charges...:rolleyes:

    Take him to court, sue, press charges...and involve the school.:devious:
  13. [quote name='cball']ya...dumbasses always spout off and implicate themselves with WORSE drug charges to get out of lesser theft/fraud charges...:rolleyes:

    Take him to court, sue, press charges...and involve the school.:devious:[/QUOTE
    Depending on where you live the theft charges would be worse, were talking about over 500 dollars.
  14. You should fuck his bitch

    and if he doesn't have one

    then maybe you should do what Granny said
  15. Call his "Aunt"?
    If he stole the check from her and forged it ..... :devious: :smoke:
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  16. Well, I was kind of saying that in hindsight. He was one of my more (I thought) trustworthy friends at the time. So much for that.....

    Ya, and my parents would probably be involved too. They know I smoke but if they are dumb enough to slip up in court and talk about weed I would be fucked.

    Call me crazy but I have a delusion that I can still get the money back. I don't know how but I just have to get it back.

    Ya, I'll see about that. Thanks for the suggestion.
  17. well, if weed does get brought up in small claims court, they cant charge you for anything. that is not the reason you are in court. in a small claims setting, you must provide all information pertaining to the case, and thats all you have to go on. even during the appeals process. the evidence submitted is the only allowable evidence.

    a lawyer will object, calling the marijuana related statements irrelevant, and a judge will grant it on the basis that it was not admitted into the case evidence during the period of discovery.

    yeah, real court is nothing like law and order :p

    im sure your school has free legal aid, you should really consult a lawyer about this. be honest with him too about everything. they are bound by client confidentiality and they will be able to give you a straightforward answer on how this should be taken care of.
  18. Thanks for the info. I do have one problem with this tho. I have 0 proof I gave the money to him. I do have the "check" and the withdraw history tho. It's just that I can't really prove I handed the money to him. And this may sound ridiculous but I'm probably going to wait till near the end of the school year to do this. Don't need extra drama at my school and don't need the awkwardness of seeing him everyday in one of my class periods.

  19. then you have no legitimate case... sorry dude.:(
  20. I just got done reading another shitty thread story ;)

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