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    I thought you may like to know that I just broke my left big toe. I know how much you hate me and I just wanted to let you know im in some pain right now, with a broken big toe. i was walking, had to stop to not break a computer that was tangled among some wires, and in doing so put all my weight on my toe which folded unaturally underneath me.

    It may be a result of the man love I have expressed for you, or just pure bad luck. Either way I hope your happy, you voodoo spell caster

    Edit: Feels bad man.
  2. dude, breaking your toe sucks. I remember in fifth grade I broke my toe and had to wear a house shoe instead of my regular shoe. :(
  3. Breaking your toe indeed sucks, thank you Kayla
  4. Your going to have a miserable 3 weeks
  5. Whoa... you're avatar is kinda intense, frost.
  6. Theres nothing like the kind words of the city. much props frost.
  7. Your stoned lol.
    The avatar I originally wanted to upload was to big so I got pissed and picked the first default avatar lol.

  8. Very lol
    Oh that sucks. Mine was too at first but I just uploaded a photo editor and resized it :D
  9. I'd do the same, but this isn't my computer and don't wanna download or even waste my time on paint.

    I have photoshop on my computer :)

    Used to be pretty darn good at it to.
    Made my sig.
  10. What the fuck does this have to do with me?

    Worst troll ever
  11. Photoshop is overrated. It's just a tool girls use to make themselves look way, wayy more attractive... like push up bras.

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