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Well my friends

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by unoit, Sep 18, 2003.

  1. Guess what I'm doing right now!!!!!!!!

    Getting Pissed out of my gord!!!!! Been into the Pussies since 9 this morning and down to my last one....MMMMMM yup going to get more and get fall down drunk....sounds like fun eh!!! Not really...just have to numb my brain and slow things down and look at the big picture.

    Speaking of picture check this out.....

    We were down at our local river and took a couple pics of this Black Bear eating the dead Salmon on the river bank.

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  2. Maybe a better one!! (Hic) *LOL*.

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  3. Hope You Have Fun Unoit have one on me or try too if your not so smashed in the process :D

  4. Must be some tasty pussies,eather one sounds good to me right
  5. better weather than I my friend! :) enjoy it! nice pics, pretty! dont go getting brave with the bears! :) cheers :D
  6. I'm jealous.

    Thanks for sharing the pics. Be careful going to get more and be extra careful when you fall down...aim for a pillow or something soft. :)
  7. Glad you're having a good day!! Tie one on for me to friend. :D

  8. Good Luck Unoit, I wish I was right ther with you getting to them pussies. :D
  9. its all fun an games till that baby bear takes YOUR salmon....

    aah agin...i hate cha' and the beautiful place where ya live :D

    you boys and those pussies one is never enough, ya know i never did get to have one.

    im going to look around and maybe special order some.

  10. maybe it had something to do with those itchy panties of yours :D
  11. you filthy boy!!!...not itchy panties :p, scratchy panty tags....
    tags,TAGS,tags!!!! an there allll gone now. every last one.

    keep up your yackin bout itchy panties darlin, but i do believe when that happens its time fora trip to the gynecologist for a yeast infection, :D
  12. i cant believe im going to tell you what i just tried to do....
    was gonna have a pussy of my own.....

    tried to just shove my kitty ina glass. she fit but keeping her there to pose was diffficult to say the least. OUCH! damn that cats gonna hate me :D

    here kitty kitty, here kitty kitty...
  13. real pussies gotta taste better than this.....

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  14. only if it could cum in a glass... life would be complete....:D

    plus it would make it alot easier for her.....

  15. gravy, thats juuust a little scary :D
  16. *LOL* been a long day/night and Rocdog isn't to happy at how many times I went to the cold beer and wine store and then went and scoop a few plants along the way *LOL* Hey that's the life of unoit and I wouldn't have it any other way.
    So night my friends...even thought I don't know you..I still feel that I've know you all my life.
  17. Ok it's off to bed my friends...Rocdog told me not wake her up...well we'll see...

  18. I saw a pitcure of Britney Spears in the Star magazine bending over picking up a bottle of pills in the Heathrow Airport. Perfect shot of her ass and her cropped shirt riding up her back. And guess what her panty tag was hanging out and the story with the picture made a comment about her tags hanging out.
  19. an ya know what i just go outta that.....
    puffy looks at the same trash magazines as i do,hehehe
    even if it is in the checkout line :D
  20. *LOL* Love the pussie in a glass HIGHa....*LOL* priceless*LOL* ok I'll stop laughing now.

    Well to break up this pussie stuff....let me show what we caufght to day..AAhh fuckk it I was going to go back and fix my fuckups....rocdog is pissed I've been drinking way too much....but hey are we having fun or what!! Check this out!!!

    Caught this Coho in the river and...maybe just before he hit the river he was nipped by a seal....when are you people coming here...I ain't geeting any younger *LOL*

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