Well, my dad may be dying

Discussion in 'General' started by Blix, Jan 2, 2004.

  1. We've known about this for over a year, but my dad is
    getting weaker and weaker every day. The doctors suspect
    Lou Gehrigs disease, or for those across the Atlantic MND.
    They're doing tests for all kinds of stuff, but all the symptoms
    are classic ALS.

    My dad felt the first onset about 18 months ago, but only
    went to the doctors last month. And then, only after he fell
    down at work and couldn't get up. But then, if it is ALS
    there's nothing the doctors could have done anyway.

    My mom is cutting her trip to England short, so I should have
    some help next week, hopefully.

    I was going to wait to post about this until we knew for sure,
    but I can't do that.
  2. Aw, Blix! I am so, so sorry. :( I'll send some ~karma~ to you and your Dad.

    There seems to be a wave of this going around the City. Maybe we all can get enough energy going so that everything will turn out the best for you and everyone else who's dealing with illness and loss at this time.

    We'll all be thinking about you. Let us know what's going on and anytime you need to get out the frustrations of it all, just do it! We're here to support you. :)
  3. Blix,
    I'm sorry........sending more karma you way. You hang in there......
  4. I am so sorry to hear that.. I know there is nothing I can say to make it any better, but I'm here for you.. My grandmother just passed away on Dec. 26 and while we knew it was coming it was still a shock, and nerves are still sore.. If you would like to talk, or jsut need to rant to someone I'm here for you... I'll listen to anything you need to say, with no biasis, or conditions. My father also passed when I was 14, and while that was many years ago, it still feels the same.. My heart goes out to you, I will send you my love, prayers, and good wishes... Blessing, love and light being sent yours and your families way through this difficult time... I dont knwo what your beliefs are, but I honestly beleive that where ever our loved ones go, they are happy, and no longer in pain... I send you my heart!!

  5. Thank you for the best wishes. Pretty stressful right now, but
    I'm doing OK with it. Weekends are my stress relievers, I just
    smoke all day after I do what needs to be done. Saturday
    morning we go grocery shopping then it's smoke slowly, all
    day long.

    But anyway, I'm doing better than a lot would be. I try to
    have a resolute acceptance of death. My own, my loved ones,
    everyones. It's still going to be rough though. I'm not very
    emotionally stable anyway, so this is going to hurt.

    I'm not going to make any predictions, but my dad was hiking
    about twelve miles a day in August, and now has trouble
    getting around the grocery store.
  6. I'm so sorry about your father. It doesn't sound like he is very old. That makes it that much more tragic. I'm sending all the love and karma I can in your direction. My parents were taken from me in the middle of the night. And there were plenty of things I didn't get to tell them. ( Although I know they knew, I just wish I could have told them things one more time ) Just let him know he is loved, and that he has done a good job with you ( It sounds like he did do a great job with you ) Stay strong, and I hope you can find some comfort in your trying time. There are a lot of people here for you, if you ever want to talk to someone. Me included, even if you don't know me, I am here for you. Like I said, good luck, and I'll be sending love and karma And some prayers if you don't mind to you and your family.

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