Well I was gonna go to class... ):

Discussion in 'General' started by latarte, Feb 1, 2011.

  1. But then I sat in my car in the middle of a packed parking lot with a homemade medicine bottle bubbler. Mmmm and it was niiiiiiiiiiice~ :smoke:

    Not sure whether to feel really awesome or dumb, but dude I wasn't giving up that fucking parking spot. Go find your own.

    You guys snuck a toke in a less than tactful place recently? You probably have, haven't you?

    DISCRETION SQUAD, assemble
  2. lol really smoking instead of school, start working on your "would you like fries with that"
  3. commence afro man references
  4. Full scholarships and college prep boarding school, bro.

    Earned it. ;)
  5. i would believe you, but than again this is the internet
  6. Believe what you want stranger, I'm just here to smoke (L)
  7. I am here to smoke in my grandmas house
  8. I'm here to fuck shit up
  9. I am here to troll
  10. I'm so glad you're all playing nice u guyz :smoke:
  11. I am here, Fail!
  12. Im here for the gangbang. where da girls at?
  13. Who needs girls?
  14. [​IMG]
  15. It was great meeting all y'all! Have funnnnn, let's do this again sometime soon! <3

  16. What is this i don't even
  17. running the fuck away hahah
  18. I understand the joy of smoking in a parking lot... very discrete.
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    Ya'll know what this thread is in need of? Sexxiness. Oh yeah, you read right, there's 2 x's in there. That's hawt right there.


    Oh yeah get some baby

  20. this completes my life rofl

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