Well, I think I'm going to my local headshop..

Discussion in 'General' started by OpenMindFields, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. I haven't had a toke in a few months, and here's why.

    Things get too real for me, I'm thrown into a world of our planetary situation, our limited time in this space, my own personal defects and what I need to work on, in otherwords..

    ..Cannabis is a psychedelic for me, and psychdelic in the form of its greek root, "Mind Manifestation."

    I can't just smoke, giggle, laugh, and enjoy the simple things like video games or tv shows like I used to, I really get thrown into the world of reality, y'know, that deeper sense of meaning above and beyond all of this, and I can't ignore it..

    ..Often it results in a panic attack, and my head goes in circles, etc, etc..

    ..So, I'll report back, and let you all know what I decided to get, or if I even decided to get anything.

    Anyways, have a good weekend guys, I'm happy, I thought today was sunday haha.
  2. only fear, fear itself
  3. Well I'm sort of thinking that that's what these plants are made for, in order to come above the ordinary mindset of an individual, and to see the reality of a situation, I just think that alot of people that use cannabis tend to not really have much of a mind on their shoulders, their more entwined in culture and stereotyipical thinking, so they never really "come above the smoke."

    Cannabis.. strange. lol

  4. phsycadelic plants werent "made" at all. it just so happens that they have certain effects on the human psyche in their natural state. nothing wrong with that bloke
  5. They were made, they just haven't always been here.

    They were crafted with a purpose, just like you and I.

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