well i have no bong , papers or anything!

Discussion in 'General' started by pieman615, Jun 7, 2009.

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    and i have no plastic bottles to make a bong or a fucking apple to make a pipe :(

    grasscity what do i doo!

    dont worry guiz my friends comming in like 20 mins :D
  2. Look around Opens your eyes to stuff you usually wouldnt
  3. well ive thought of many things by the way i will never use a can :|

    hmm let me see theres basically nothing in my house that would be nice to smoke out of
  4. There is no way you don't have a bottle, or some kind of fruit to smoke it with. worst case senario, make a little tent with a blanket, and start a weed fire inside of it. Hot box the fuck out of it.
  5. Do you have a snorkel Haha (Haf Baked)
  6. You could cook with it :/ Or smoke out of an apple :D
  7. i dont have a snorkell
    and the bottles i do have are like my brothers hahah

    id go 2 my store but its storming like fuck right now
  8. hahah i wouldve used an apple but i dont got one :(
  9. I hope someone posts the picture of the nose carb straight to the dome because I cant find it anywhere, and if someone was going to post it, it would be this thread.
  10. what is this mystical chrome to ya dome that you speak of
  11. You choose Smoke or Storm

    Or you can resort to the weed fire Lol
  12. I don't buy it.

    How could you have absolute NOTHING?

    Cig, fruit, can, bottle, tinfoil, tight spring, tire pressure gauge, flashlight, mechanical pencil, even the ground.

    Cmon man
  13. well im never using a can or only tin foil fuck that

    dont worry im inviting my friend over and hes bringing a bong hahaha
  14. newspaper? phone book?

    why wont you smoke out of a can? its easy, quick, and works for pinches JUST like this.

  15. ahahah i was thinking the same thing but you beat me to the idea..i just didn't feel like searching for it bbut ea hahah you might need a bottle of jack before you try that
  16. go buy some fucking papers or something lazyass
  17. I still like my weed fire under a blanket idea. skip the bong. try out the fire and report back!
  18. I would just use an apple.
  19. go shave , even tho thats not you haah

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