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  1. Okay, it has been a long, long, time since I've posted on these boards. However, here it goes.

    If anyone remembers me, (dont worry if you dont), you might remember that I was a happily married fresh 21 year old getting stoned, kyaking, and taking care of my little brother.

    Things have seemed to change alot in that year since I have registered here. Im now a freshly divorced, my smiling face has a nearly permanent cold, jaded look due to the fact im working as not only an office admin, but a site superintedent, both jobs I am not qualified for, have no training in, and often overwork (with 80 to 90 hours a week, between home and office work) myself at. My little brother did fine in life, and now is more like a friend/roommate than a kid to me. I seem to be a little bit heavier on the booze, there are many nights where I have lived nightmares, days where I shake upon waking up. I have not been eating correctly, maybe one meal a day, probably a crappy sandwich from subway. I feel sick every morning, and I am positive that chainsmoking newport 100s isnt helping me. Right now, I'm pouring another narragansett brew down my throat, and looking at a foil fresh white owl thinking whether i want to burn it. I just dont even feel like that same life loving guy that i was, and no matter how much i try i just seem to turn my back on the things i love (hiking, kyaking, fishing, swimming, camping, outdoorsy stuff), and just living my life either at work, at the bar, or the club. Tonight is saturday, a good looking, well groomed, fashionable man such as myself (especially owning his own lake front house) could be out sweet talking some girl whose name doesnt matter, getting drunk, and having what seems like a good time. However, i just got a call, our renovation projects in newport got robbed for the copper, and now i have to fucking adjust numbers all night long...to top this off, i got pulled over by a dodge charger cop car, and got 80 in a 65, not wearing a seat belt, talking on a cellular device, and not having my license on me. 300 bucks total...

  2. your sig always makes me laugh. even though its corny.
  3. its the worst joke ive EVER heard. however, i heard it once after being really really really high, and i was the only one who got it, and i laughed for a few minutes...

    it may infact be the corniest joke to ever be told...
  4. Fuck dude you're going through some tough times,

    maybe you're not tokin enough :rolleyes:
  5. i remember u. cool name i always thought.

    you just need to get out there more. just try and have a good time. with time you'll regain your confidence.

    if not maybe a shrink could help. they work wonders.
  6. just sounds like you're overworked. more to life than work man.....but it's your life...live it.
  7. for real take a vacation

  8. What he said.

    Does your job enable you to travel? You should take a minute to catch up on the world around you. Go do something epic, see something amazing - nobody can take great memories from you.
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    This is true. Also, if ur feeling stressed out go wank off or something. The other pleasure that no one can take away from you is wanking. It relieves stress, is healthy, and generally leads to a bettter life.

    Not to mention, be happy you HAVE a job. A lot of people have it a lot worse. The world is great, life is fantastic. Live it up before its too late.

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  10. if youre back by yourself, why dont you take a break from the high life or whatever..and go minimal. learn the basics of life again. walk around. breath air, go swimming, go KAYAKING, go to Cuba, go to thailand, fuck dude GET OUT YO BOX.:wave::wave:much love
  11. damn dude,,,,that sounds awful,,,,,

    get out of the house,,,,go barhopping,,,,

    good luck bro,:cool:
  12. Definitely sounds like you're giving the weight of the world a piggyback ride. Everyone goes through tough times - some worse than others. I think we've all been to the level where you feel like the scum of the earth, but you're not. You need to look at the positive things in life - even though that may be difficult at this time. There ARE positive things, you just have to look at the world a little different - "step outside the box".

    Start with the things that are tampering with your life the most. Whatever puts the most stress on you - you need to take care of that problem first. I can't judge but I'd say that 80/90 week would be a good start. That's no time to yourself, draining your body everyday.. I did it for three years and it literally ran me into the ground.

    Hope everything works out for the best bro.
  13. Well, I need to be at work the next few months due to renovations going down, I need to work with contractors, and chart shit out. and yesterday night i was up till 4 am doing this shit. However, it was an emergency and had to be done. it just sucks cause my job doesnt really let me have much of my life. I dont get disability checks for my back anymore, and I get paid alot working here. I just feel like im gonna go insane though...

    I want to go on vacation, go to spain, go to italy, maybe the netherlands, shit maybe even brazil, bogota. My last trip was to bolivia, and it was wonderful, had a great time.
  14. Get out side more dude trust me makes the world alot better. Toke and live YOUR life, work shouldent run you, get back to thing you love, take a vacation from work and take a trip invite a bunch of friends get a bunch of booze and weed and have a ball. and hey hit on a few chicks now and then...
  15. thats not a problem, the problem i have with chicks is I dont trust em. specially club chicks/bar chicks...
  16. Next time you have a free weekend you should grab a tent and a few of your close friends and go on a camping trip. Bring some bud and beer, your fishing pole and kayak, anything that you love to do and just relax one weekend. Have a good time.
  17. I cant go camping, and if i do its pointless, i have to bring my work cell phone, laptop, and other stuff. Although i make enough to live comfortable (enough that i could go buy a new mid-level car without a problem), i cannot live comfortably because of how involved i have to be with my job.

    There no way to stop the bills, i'm just angry because i feel like i sold my soul. I can work from home and do whatever, but even then im on the phone while typing up reports and shit. although i do like working in a pair of bikini briefs while smoking blunts :D.
  18. if i were you i would quit one job, quit smoking cigs (to save money), take a two week camping vacation in Alaska by yourself. reflect on everything, try to get back to a normal life and then.......idk
  19. that sucks man everybody goes through some hardtimes at some point in their life...you just gotta keep your head up man things ALWAYS have a way of woring themselves out...even if it doesnt seem like theres any light at the end of your tunnel, there is....things cant always go wrong they gotta go right sometimes......youll get through this man and youll come out of it with a bunch of lessons learned and youll be a stronger person because of it
  20. No, im technically only working one job, the other job just kinda got dropped on me by my employer. And everyone i work with is a fucking mute. Im admittingly incompetent, i take responsibility for my mistakes, they dump theirs on me. Im basically a company scapegoat. my desk is where every mistake, unfilled job responsibilities, and major problem seems to land. However, as a 22 year old with two associates degrees in meaningless subjects, making 37 an hour is probably the best i can do. I know it sounds like a lot, and that i shouldnt complain, but believe me, this job is horridm and not worth anything under 80/hr...

    however i do like the idea that i could be a 25 year old millionaire....:hello:

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