well i finally did it i turned my head the other way for a lil while

Discussion in 'General' started by charlie067, May 14, 2003.

  1. i had a choice betweet spending like 300$ on seeds soil and ferts or spending 1000$ on a dirt bike im buying the dirt bike then im going to invest in the soil t44 seeds and ferts.im just posting this kuz it was such a hard desioun to make but i made up my mind and i need the dirt bike.so i can spin up some dirt in my buddys face lol he just bought a bike for like 200 and its a peice of shit its going to cost him 500$ to get it running.i told him to just beat the guy who sold him it the guy told him there was nothing wrong with it.then when he brought it here i took the cap off the right hand side of the bike and everything inside is busted all to shit all the gears r fucked and so is the kluch he need new pistones too he also has no brakes man i hope he just gives it back it not worth the hassle he could get a better bike than that thru a buyer flyer
    but yeah anyway dont realy know why i posted this but yeah im high so its all good latterz
  2. ya i can see why you would do that. i mean, if i had 1000 dollars, i would spend it on a new car instead of weed. well, maybe 50/50. well, not even. i would get a quarter of nugs and spend the other 910 on a car. life is full of tough decisions! now lets just hope you made the right one :D


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