Well I did it.

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  1. I finally told that one kid I was never his friend.

    I have never felt so free in my entire life. It was horrible pretending to like him as a freind cause your best freind loves him to death.

    I just couldnt stand it, the constant bitching and moaning about their relationship. I didnt have the heart to tell him he is the one that causes most of it cause he is so jealous and over-protective. Whenever she works he is up there to make sure she dosent flirt or somebody dosent flirt with her.


    Free at last of his overbearing and obnoxius tyranny.

  2. Wait... What?
  3. Fuck yeah, man. Had a guy like that. He was my best friend's roommate, and he was always getting invited along and shit, never got around to telling him how much he pissed me off though. The funny thing was, everybody knew how much I hated the dude except for my best friend and the guy himself, but somehow he never found out.
  4. QTF man
  5. Fuck yea, I mean like whenever i got blazed around him and they got in a fight and would laugh in his face and i always agree with the person opposing him.

    I guess he just figured the high made me wierd?

    All it did was just make me not give a fuck.
  6. lol when people like that try to talk to me i turn into a sarcastic asshole

    yea props for telling him to eff off though the whiners are so annoying and they dont seem to realize that no one cares

  7. Holy shit, exactly like one of my friends right now. Annoys the fuck out of me.
  8. speak ur mind and tell the truth. way to go :smoking:
  9. Knew a fucker like that, always made fun of me and then told me it was all a joke....selling me out to get laughs. Yea that was in middle school, which I hated.

    Anyway, best to get rid of people like them, congrats to you.

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