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well, i am now single.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by genieadventures, Apr 25, 2002.

  1. I just broke up with my gf of 3.5 yrs on the weekend. Very sad time indeed because i love(d) her with all my heart. I must admit that there is nothing tougher than a breakup with someone you truely love.
    This is the first time, and hopefully last time, I have my heart broken. What a horrible feeling.
    Anyways, i am going to be optimistic about the future and not live in the past. No matter how tough it is going to be, I am going to go out and meet new people, and live life to the fullest.

  2. You just have to keep you spirits up like youve said. You dont need another person to survive buts its nice to have a companion. The break will help you find your soul mate. Hang out with friends and meet new people, and of course smoke with many many a new face. Try and smile it cant be the end of the world. =)

  3. I am totally here for you buddy... I am sparking one up right now in respects to you... I know we have all been there... and it hurts, but just remember one thing... if you crave the happiness that you felt with her, dont miss it... just remember that there is a new way to make you happy out there and you just have to find it... better yet you just have to wait for it... My boyfriend of quite a few years broke up with me and it hurt because I had no idea what I had done wrong. I was so distrot for the longest time... I literaly hated my life... but then a wise friend of mine helped me through it... I wish you well...
  4. Time and new friends WILL heal your heartbreak. Keep your head up!!! ( That way you don't miss a new friend!! ) I was married for 20yrs., 2 kids, good job, nice house, when she decided she might have missed out on something by being married so long, and wanted her "wings"!! Broke my, and the kids heart. I was so devastated until i met PoohGator and realized that I COULD love again!!

    aeSNAFUae, sorry to hear you were a resident of the ole' "Heartbreak Hotel" for awhile too!!
    It's seems even worse when there's no "closure", it leaves you with self-doubt, and confused. Sounds like you have a GREAT friend, and that is so important in a mess like you suffered!! Wishin' ya'll Luck, Love, and BIG ole BUDS!!! :hippie: :smoking:
  5. Sorry to hear about your breakup, genieadventure :( It's always a tough thing to do, especially after a long period of time. It seems like the life you knew is now missing something a lil...
    But you're on the right track! Living in the past is nothing but a waste of time, as you can't modify it, experience it over again, all you can do is just THINK and mope about it.

    You've got a great attitude regarding your situation, which is very commendable. Sparking one up in honor of you at this..
    *puff*... moment. :D

    Live your life to the fullest you can, and enjoy it while it lasts! No regrets.
    If you need a shoulder or an ear, that's what we're all here for.
    *** hugs ***
  6. being single is the best. once you get over the annitial heart ache you can live it up. make sure you don't fool yourself and jump into one of those quick rebound situations. give yourself a nice lapse of time to enjoy the fruits of single life.
  7. Keep your head up high.. Life will go on.

    I went through almost the exact situation about 8 months ago, and trust me, things will look up. Nothing in life is harder then losing someone you love, whether it be from death, a break up, or uncontrollable situations. Try and keep your head clear and just think about all the wonderful memories that you've created with your love. That sometimes helps to ease the pain.

    Things will turn around, eventually, if you let life guide you in the right direction. So, fuck it, live life to the fullest and enjoy yourself. There will be others to love... There always is.

    So, for now, puff away and enjoy yourself.. Life will go on.

    One love - kn0d
  8. Wow guys, it is assuring and very comforting seeing that complete strangers, like yourselves, will give a helping hand when one is down. I appreciate all the encouragement I am hearing. It is making this totally shitty situation a little easier, knowing that people care :)

    thanks for all the wonderful words of wisdom

  9. I might not have been in as deep of a relationship, but i have just gone through a pretty rough breakup after almost two years. This was about a month or two ago, so I totally identify with the pain, but it really does heal. I have matured as a person SO MUCH since that day it ended. If you had asked me a few days/weeks afterwards whether or not I was glad I went through it all anyways, my answer would be a resounding 'no', almost definately. But now, looking back with a mended heart and a fresh perspective, I am glad I did it. I learned alot about love, about myself, and about life in general from that. The only thing you can really take with you from something like that is the memories and the lessons you learn. I know that everyone has been telling you that time will heal the pain, because I heard that far too many times after my breakup. But it really truly does. When the pain fades you will be glad you went through it all, and refreshed that you are alive to love again.

    Nomatter what you do, don't become apathetic. Apathy is not the cure, but rather causes the problem to increase tenfold. Don't take the easy way out and prematurely say "Fuck it, I don't care." Because you do care, and you have to care in order to face your grief. I'm sorry for the long post, but as someone who has been through it recently I thought you might consider my advice/thoughts useful.

    Ps- Getting high is a great way to think, but don't use it as an escape from your emotions.

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