Well here i am.

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  1. Well, here is where i am since the big "DUMP"

    Weeded out the hermies of the supergirls and here is everything i have right now
    in the room.

    7 x Supergirls (4 in LST)
    2 x Chocolate Chunk
    1 x French Skunk
    1 x Aurora Indica
    1 x Hawaiian Indica
    5 x PPP Seedlings
    1 x Bob marley Special (clone)

    and 1 x Skunk in the forground from a guy that knows nothing about growing, trying to revive it for him.

    Notice no Bubble buckets? :) Thats for the bunker :)

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  2. hey Dier -

    I assume you mix your own soil .. what's your recipe? (sorry if you've posted this b4...)
  3. yes my own mixture consisting of.

    Potting Mix
    Top soil from under fruit tree (very soft and powdery)
    Bat Guana (fresh from cave)
    cow manure (yeah shit is good)
    TH-1 (loosens up the mixture just a bit so we dont have concrete
    and finally 30-1-1 slow release granual fertilizer thats guaranteed not to burn (Turfbuilder).

    percentages of each i posted already, but its all in the feel of the dirt as i am mixing it, not too light and not to hard, but with lots of body.
  4. Bout fuckin time man.

    ..." for the bunker " ??? heh?
  5. those are some nice plants

    jus one comment, thats some pretty gnarly mildew / mold / rusty lookin shit in the corner on those tiles lol

    might wanna clean that up ( i know you're an experience grower and im jus a noob, but still )
  6. nice grow you got goin Dier :bongin:
  7. Yeah nice plants you got there Dier!
    Looks like you should be ready to start cutting em up!
  8. LOL yeah. i really got to build me a basin to keep the pots in, after a few overwaterings especially after nutting it runs down in that corner, i was about to mop it all up before i took the picture but didnt, i took the picture first...

    Nah my roms always nice and clean :)
  9. Were building an underground bunker 12ft x 10ft to house our Hydro, it wil be mostly automated (in terms of nute delivery and ph calibration) Webcam, etc etc etc..

    I'm taking pics as progress continues and post them all when done, dont want to start thread on it just for it to be jumbled with chat and pictures scattered everywhere.
  10. shit son that sounds like a mad nice setup +rep definetely
  11. Youll be back on track in no time..... I got some nice northern lights 5 weeks into flowering....
  12. Gald to see your back up Dier
  13. Underground bunker! Wow! Dier! Our inspiration!:D
    You should get some rep+ for this...

    Just make sure you don't get busted through the webcam.
    IP addresses can be traced and thus the traffic from your computer.
    Goverments can and will, one way or the other.

    Also I remember that laserprinters contain a secret serial number.
    One that's printed in every print. One that can be traced from factory to your living room.
    This kind of technology can very well be implemented inside a digital camera of any type.
    Beware of those made in the United States!

    You wouldn't believe how much this whole computer tech stuff is intertwined with certain military, law enforcement and other information gathering government agencies.:eek:

    I'm a techie for life, so trust me on this one.
  14. oh my friend,^^^^^^^^^^ you dont know dier,,, he lives in tropical paridise,, a island where its o.k. to grow weed. thanks for stopping by my grow dier. much appreciated, those nice words that is.

    that first set of pics. i owe to you man, you first turned me on, to the lst method and thats all lst right there. even coached me thru it,,, thanx.

    i see your not using the goat dung this time. in your mix.

    welcome back,, i got company,, ill be here later my friend, ill definatlly follow your grow.. i gotta go for now..:hello:

    any new blades want to know how helpful diers advice is. just check out my grow,,,, i owe a lot of my sucess with my first indoor grow to this man...
  15. No our network is all virtual ip's, no real ip's so only people on our netwok can view it and it will be password protected so no worries :)

    I'll try to map a real ip to the cam so people i give acess to it can view it at any time (meaning people on here)

    Oh yeah took 50 clones 3 days ago, all look good so far :)
  16. you know how i am at the comp. so if you give me acess, you better be ready to go in full detail, of what i need to do to watch it. hahahahah welcome back to growing again btw .....:smoking:
  17. Thanks for the welcome, i was here all along except for 2 weeks when i was in amsterdam getting my PPP seeds back.

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