well fuk.......

Discussion in 'General' started by punkyworld, Apr 15, 2003.

  1. My dad came in my room while I was smokin' a bowl from my glass beauty.. now shes gone.. :( I hope I can retreve her from the trash tomorrow morrn.. No more smoking in the house... my dad said if he catches me smoking in the house again one of us has to leave... I feel so bad..

  2. Hey, he only said one of you had to leave!
  3. it'll be alright. just go outside to smoke. take a little jaunt or somethin. say your goin to the store. he's just lookin out for ya. pot has a bad rep.
  4. Good luck getting your pipe back, I bet it's broken in a million pieces.

  5. Dont say thaattttt. Be postive!
  6. ya, for real. dont worry, be happy. just smoke somewhere else and be careful


  7. that would be a bad thing....
  8. yeah, it would be bad.. I don't want anyone to leave.. and I did get my piece back.. :)
  9. Yahoo!

    It always sucks when you lose a piece. I lost my favourite bong to the cops :(

    And my other favourite glass bong when my bro sat on it. Well.. at least he got his revenge before he died.

    But now.. from my experience, whenever you go out and say "I'm going to the store" or "I'm going to meet some friends" he's probably gonna think "Gone to smoke some of that damn pot!".

    At least that's what my parents are like. Even though they know I don't have a job and thus can't afford it, they think every time I leave the house it's to go get high.
  10. At least you got your pipe back man!
  11. yeah, i know how that is..my mom took my glass spoon, i've only had it like 2 weeks too! i'm gunna go look for it next time she leaves the house..hopefully she didn't throw it out =/

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