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  1. Alright so theres this chick that im into, ive smoked alotta weed with her, just a damn cool girl.

    So we decide to split an eigth of shrooms, and its all goin fine and dandy until none other than her DAD calls her. Idk why but she fuckin flips. I give her a ride home and i come back to my house to find my phone is broken. So not only do i not get to hang with this really cool girl, my phone is broken, and im alone on shrooms. FML. :mad:
  2. Hahhahahahahahahaha
  3. at least you know where she lives so not all is lost.

  4. oh sorry bro..
  5. hey man, just turn up some music and get comfy on the couch.
  6. Sorry dude that sucks. Wonder what her dad wanted...?
  7. Why the hell would she go home to her father while she is tripping on boomers... not at all her best decision. I turn off my phone when i trip.....
    Sorry man, thats pretty lame!
  8. No shit. Who flips because their dad calls them? I asked what was wrong i was like "did someone die?" and she giggles, hugs me, and just got out the car.

    It was fucked up.
  9. Maybe she couldn't control her emotions because she isn't familiar with her "tripping self".

    Enjoy the rest of your trip man.
  10. i think dudes on to somethin here...
  11. ^^Thanks man

    "Flipping out" is caused by anger and/or sorrow and after all that she giggled and hugged you before she left...

    Sounds like a rollercoaster of being.
    Sounds like a mushroom trip!
  12. Maybe her dad found the shrooms or some pot?

    1. Enjoy your trip now
    2. Find new girl to hang with
    3. Smoke pot
    4. Profit!
  13. Thanks guys.

    I found out her dad called her to help paint the living room or some shit, and she gets all her money from her dad so if she doesnt do what he says it hurts her. She called me up trippin and was like "aww i wish i coulda been with you" and i was like....then dont go painting a living room.....
  14. So you got ditched for physical labor? You must suck dude...

    JP lol sorry, enjoy the rest of your trip :D
  15. that sucks man...but it helps you can tell she digs you man..go for it
  16. well damn....looks like ur fucked for LIFE bro.............hahaha just kidding ull be alright
  17. Fuck, well....

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