Welcome my new grow. Nau mai haeri mai!

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  1. Hey GC,
    Kia Ora, from the wonderful south pacific know as New Zealand! Name is Russell300 and I am here to sha
    re my knowledge and my grow from the seed to the mind relaxing plants matures with copious amounts of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) embodied within.
    Well first of all i am growing some seeds in a cupboard to get them a good jump on the outdoor season, and then i will be showing you guys how mean of pot we can grow in lil ol'e N.Z!

    Will Add photo's Tonight.:wave:
    Any queries be sure to ask!
    Long live Overgrow!

  2. 15/8

    Welcome Back we got pictures! I could not get on last night so i uploaded now.:hello:
    We got seeds germinating.
    2 small sprouts. 1 of them is from a 30 year old seed!
    Just a small 250watt HPS. Mylar to go on walls soon.


  3. Day 4.
    We have sprouts from the germinated seeds. W00t. Wonderful to see got some mylar in there now. I have made up my mind. 3 weeks in veg and then these babies are going straight into 12/12 i cant wait. isn't great watching something grow.?

    Closet grow set up 250w hps, mean big fan for circulation.
    16-8 growroom.jpg

    Plant 1.
    16-8 plant1.jpg

    Plant 2. (from a 30 year old seed) Hippie mate gave to me from his best stash he reckons. Really narrow leaves. What you guys think? Lets just wait huh?:smoke:
    16-8 plant2.jpg

    Peace out.:D
  4. 30 year old seed??? That would be amazing. Sounds like a Giant Sequioia or something.

    Good luck on your grow!
  5. i had no idea seeds could last that long....good luck mate
  6. hey man. that first pic has a vibrant ass green. looks cool. cant wait to C what ya grow like in NZ.
  7. Tell me about it i didn't know if a seed was viable that long. But Mr H as we will call him gave them to me out of a airtight container that had been sitting in his basement. So a dark cold airtight space. All the ingredients for preserving stuff ya know.:D
  8. Day 8
    More pictures to show.
    Slight yellowing on plant 1 on the bottom leaves.
    Definately sativa dominate. (this is that 30 y/old seed)
    Little babies.
  9. Nice to see another kiwi on!!!

    Keep it up man :D

    Gimme a PM when you harvest, can hook you up with sales ^.^
  10. Err you can't ask about that. Plants are looking good, I want to keep an eye on your grow.
  11. Kiwismoker you made a typo. You were supposed to say scales instead of sales aye!
    More pics to come.
    Just repotted and i have 10 babys to go into flowering hehehe.
  12. I got artistic today.
    Do you like? Do want to buy?
    Re potted little ones.

    My little sun alternative.

    Not much really to say but i really have missed writing grow journals. We need to get this grow made a sticky! lol.
    Absolutely flying at the moment from this herb I grew 4 seasons ago outdoors.
    4th season.jpg
    Yummy stuff it is. One of my own hybrids. Tastes like a orange peel to smoke and leaves you sitting in space wondering "hey wheres my tuna fish gone" just to realize your tuna is your ......................................

    Yeah bloody good stuff.
  13. massive dude, pullin up a chair. im royally intrigued by the 30yrold seed. maybe its some crazy extinct shit or something. hahaha
  14. welcome! Im interested in seeing what the southern hemisphere is capable of... hehe I kid =)
  15. Ditto :wave:
  16. Day 12.

    LOTS TO REPORT!:cool:

    Plant 1 is getting bigger yellowing on the lower leaves so bad I had to do surgery. Added some nutes to give them all a hand at 1/10th strength since I am just trying to find females so I can clone then I am going to switch to 12/12 tonight.

    Plant 2 definitively is of the sativa type. The leaf structure and the shape makes it very evident of this.

    I have potted more than 1 seedling to one pot you may ask why and tell me I am silly but what im trying to do is find viable females to clone then once i have found the females i will seperate into pots then until then I am making the most of the space i have.

    Pictures up later tonight.:D
  17. if i were you id split the dirt in the pots with more than one in half with a piece of cardboard or something so the roots dont intertwine. it makes it so much easier on yourself to separate. i know cuz a friend gave me 4 plants he was growing in the same pot and they were a nightmare to separate. dirt all over my bathroom floor.
  18. HMMMM good idea! +rep
  19. Im pulling up a seat for this one too. That outdoor strain you made is amazing.
  20. Thank you! I didn't make it. I propagated it.

    Day 16.

    I have decided to wait a little while longer to put into 12/12. I want bigger plants.:devious:
    I did top plant 1 and 2 today and gave a good watering.

    Plant 1. growing very well.
    Plant 2. The 30 year old seed.
    PLant 2. Sorry bout the pics got to use my camera on my phone. Nice long slender leaves. Suggestion is that it is sativa orientated. I hope she does turn female. 30 year old mutant herb strain!! hippie says it used to blow his mind and he has never found weed so good since. So i dont know. He is known for his tall stories.
    Plant 2. aka 30y/oseed. Look at the inter-nodel growth. Mean! Tumeke!!
    Plant 1. Shorter bushier leaves than P1. but it taller i think this is i put her away from the light but hey who cares she growing fine. Bottom leaves are still yellowing but the rest of the plant is a dark green. Really nice looking plant.
    Plant 1. Not as much growth at inter nodes
    Plant 1.
    Plant 2.

    Well thats the updated story tonight on channel Aotearoa.
    I am Russell300 and the was your freindly south pacific nation saying until next time. E noho rā.:D

    Maori language can be explained in simple here:confused:

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