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Weirdest thing you seen or heard while in a Headshop.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by KeeponSmiling, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. So today i was running a few errands. During the day i spotted a new headshop and wanted to go in and look around. When i was entered the owner and his girlfriend was their chatting with a few customers. As i was looking around i over heard here talk about a good friend. She said she recently O.D on some hard stuff. She was pretty open about it and talked to some of the customer about. Seemed pretty weird to me but she was a cool girl. Gave me a couple bucks off my purchase.

    Whats the weirdest thing you guys seen or heard while you where at a headshop?

  2. I think I saw someone buy what looks like what someone would use hard drugs with. It creeped me out.
  3. Fucking noises from the back , it was probably just porn.
  4. An entire section of every kind of dildo ever made...
  5. lol we have one like that here, I don't do the dildo thing lol I like my dicks warm
  6. ^ Just microwave the dildo.
  7. Some guy was buying a bong for weed, pretty weird if you ask me I go there for tobacco pipes.
  8. No idea but the headshop I get my blunts from closes at 4:20 week days ;)
  9. Yeah, we have a head shop that's also a sex toy shop by my school. The other shop has an entertaining owner "yeah, i don't even know what the fuck I have coming in this next shipment. I was drunk when I made the order"

  10. I know right, damn drug addicts buying psychedelic shit for their addictions. Water pipes are quite the way to consume tobacco, if you ask me.

  11. I would like to visit this shop...
  12. And then by my house there's the complete opposite. A sex toy/adult novelty shop that happens to have a section with pipes and bongs.
  13. I was at my LHS the other day (needed a new grinder) and the girl that works there was out front having a smoke with 3 guys. So I walked up wearing my KISS Love Gun shirt and she cut them all off and said how much I made her day by coming in with a KISS shirt. One of the guys(wearing some deathmetal shirt) chimed in with "well I love KISS too" . She replied with "oh thats nice" and followed me in the shop. We talked for about 30 mins about classic rock and music in general. As I was leaving she said that she hopes to see me in there again soon because she is sick of the kids that come in.

    I guess the funny part for me was how she would rather hang with a guy 10 yrs older than her shooting the shit about classic rock rather than her friends.
  14. Dude same thing happens to me when I wear my KISS Detroit Rock City shirt!

    But anyways, the craziest shit happened like a month. I always hang around this headshop, and me and the owner are cool as hell. We talk about weed, rock, and skateboarding. He even gave me a vaporizer for free! Turns out the owner is my first cousin on my Dad's side, I saw him at a summer picnic, shit blew my fucking mind...
  15. ahahahahaha that is so perfect

  16. Actually they get pretty warm once they've been inside you for a while

    I mean...what?
  17. i went in there to buy a water pipe as i was calling it a few days after i turned 18. Then some guy from my senior class comes in and goes "oh hey Santana." Comes to where i was and starts screaming bong like every three seconds. I would have been pissed if he got me kicked out while i was buying a bong

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