Weirdest reason someone gave you rep.

Discussion in 'General' started by Dr.Weed, Jan 27, 2010.

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  1. Title says it all. Whats the weirdest reason someone gave you rep??

    Me and this guy were in a heated argument about how giving change to your dealer is disrespectful or not, and he repped me for it lol. This is what he said:

    dude people see change as money but drug dealers its an annoyance.

    Your turn!
  2. I wish I could check all the reps I've ever gotten =/ some were roflmfao

    here is a recent one though: "3,333 posts!!! Epic. My car is about to hit 100k miles and I KNOW I'll be driving high and completely forget about it haha" and I got it because of this post:
    "Who fucked up the thread?!!! Aww fuck, whatever, Florida is in the lead! Yay" in the Most Popular State on GC thread.
  3. For having the idea to sell my virginity over GC
    Uhm. Yeah, weirdest by far.
  4. I've got 300 dollars. :ey:
  5. three fiddy!
  6. I thought it was only appropriate to rep you.
  8. i got 4...not hundred, 4..guess pete wins hahahahha
  9. Then I'll use your rep as my "weirdest reason someone gave you rep".


  10. 375
    Do I hear 400...?

  11. haha, nice one.

    These are all pretty great!
  12. $1,234 dollars, leet ;)
  13. No! its already sold..

    c'mon darlin :D
  14. Well... I'll take $1,236. Final offer.

  15. Ill give you all the money in my wallet at the moment...

  16. That's not even fair, you don't have a penis. :mad:

  17. too bad she doesn't have a penis!

    Edit:you beat me to it Pete!
  18. I know, we'd have hawt lesbian sex and all the guys on GC would be jealous...mhm!

    Leet, done! :p :devious:
  19. how about 10 inches?

    um i mean dollars

  20. send me the video when your done please! :wave:
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