Weirdest place to have sex

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by PsilCybe, Jul 6, 2003.

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  1. where do you think the weirdest place to have sex is?
  2. On the cesame street set.
  3. Where do I THINK the weirdest place to have sex is, or where IS the weirdest place I\'ve had sex in? For the second, I\'d say the dance floor of a night club, and for the first.... the same I think...


  4. HAHAHA...that\'s great! I want to try that someday!
  5. on the moon.....^^^
  6. on top of a fire truck...

  7. Grandma\'s bed...?
  8. inside a tumble dryer on a custom built stage next to the soup dragons cave. (you know the clangers right?)

    ...gravy,,,, eeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwww!
  9. just last weekend me and the hubs did it in the boat way out on the lake. it was really awesome actually. that\'s a dif place but idunno about wierd.
    in the Batmobile. mmmmm. now that would be just cool.
  10. On a roof of a house.
  11. in a bell tower
  12. how bout in a church?

  13. It happens all the time: they are called priests and alter boys.

    Remember all the scandals?

    And it happens in the Grasscity church all the time.
  14. The wildest place? Probably on top of a cliff in the middle of the afternoon...lots of wild critters about;)...My favorite place, other than any surface or fixture of the indoors, is on the beach at sex, the stars, the waves, etc...LOL
  15. over the internet. :p
    does that count?
  16. hmmmm...well, it feels real often enough, lol...
  17. how about the house of mirrors?imagine seeing yourself fucking in every angle possible.that would be freaky!!!

    but the weirdest place i can think of is this guy named chris that live nextdoor.people is always saying hes his house would be.
  18. man im so high......

  19. likely excuse.... :D

  20. dude no im blazin right now!!Trust having a great time tonight.:)

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