Weirdest and unsolved encounters you've had

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    Any strange people or mysterious occurrences you could never understand post them here.

    A few bizarre things i've seen in my time.

    Weird guy on street

    When I was a kid in middle school, we did our gym class running on a track around one of our school yards, and the only thing seperating us from a somewhat busy intersection was a rot iron fence surrounding the whole school. One of those fences with widely spaced bars. Anyway, this meant we could see everything going on on the street outside and when I got bored in GYM i'd watch the cars pass, well...
    One day as I scanned the sidewalks I saw something that wasn't quite right. I squinted... No... no fucking way... What am I thinking, that can't really be what i'm seeing.

    There on the street, peddaling down the sidewalk in a large man size tricycle was a tall, thin man with long greasy hair and a swirly mustache, wearing a pimpish hat with a peacock feather.

    He was just coming down the road, totally nonchalant, as if he was unaware there was anything ridiculous about how he looked or that he existed.
    I, of course, couldn't believe my eyes. I asked my friend if he saw him too, and he had.

    Another weird mystery I had.

    Tattoo transference

    When I was about 10 or so, we had a small hyperactive chihuahua who liked to liked to sprint from couch to couch like it was some olympic trial. Well, I was a 10 year old and I liked to draw and I guess I thought I was being creative but I got the idea to just draw on a birthday balloon I had lying around. I covered the whole thing with drawings in sharpie marker.

    Well, one day I had this balloon totally covered with my sketches and as I was doing the finishing touches my dog came sprinting across the couches at me, it was like it happened in slow motion. I saw him coming and watched him pop the balloon like it was fate. I felt a snapping feeling like being snapped with a rubber band on my wrist. When I looked down my wrist now had all of the images I had drawn on my balloon only shrunken down to about 1/4 size all scaled down perfectly. The ink was transferred perfectly somehow. It was totally even throughout and the balloon now seemed to have none of my images on it.

    I don't know what happened exactly, I guess the popping was so drastic it caused the balloon to both snap into my wrist hard enough to transfer ink while at the same time it was rapidly shrinking from the loss of air.

    I've never been able to replicate it.


    :confused_2: I just wanted to add feel free to post creepy stories as well as weird funny stuff. Only rule is try to keep it to true stories.
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  3. I think I've seen a UFO before, not even kidding.
    Me and some friends were hanging out, just wandering the backstreets in my suburb, when we start looking at the sky. One of us says "Oh look man a shooting star!".
    After looking at it, we realise it's too slow to be a shooting star. There were no flashing navigational lights, just a star-sized dot of light that was just cruising along slowly.
    A few minutes later, we see 4 more all coming from different directions, all heading roughly to the same spot. We watch and watch, and a few just kinda fade off, while the first one stays put.
    It turns a dark blue colour, slowly fades, and just before it's gone from sight it goes red and shoots directly upwards, really fast and disappears.
    All 6 of us saw it, 2 of us were stoned but the rest weren't. No idea what it could be.
  4. Ok this happened last year, and me and my boy were pretty fucked up but thats neither here nor there because we both saw the exact same thing. Me and my mate had just picked up we were walking back to the bus stop when i saw this thing in the sky, for the life of me I could not describe it, however I did see this video which is weird because it looked pretty much exactly like this

    [ame=""]UFO Flying Over China July 7 2010!!! Real??? - YouTube[/ame]

    however it was about the size of a blimp, it didn't have that long sperm tail, it was just more of an oval shape, and it was red but that might have just been all the light pollution. It also disappeared for like 2 minutes then reappeared further away from us, I still have no explanation for it...
  5. Im 99% sure there is a ghost in my house!!! At first, I'd always hear noises, have bad ghostly dreams, even feel a presence when I'm ultra baked.

    But now, now this ghost is trying to tell me something. I lost my comb that I always carry in my backpack for 4-5 days, an I literally checked my backpack for it atleast 10 times. Then, one day after class I leave my backpack open and on the kitchen counter. I go to the bathroom, and come back to the kitchen. The comb is sitting right on top of my backpack. (mind you, I was the only one home at the time)

    How the fuck is my comb magically re appearing in a location ive checked a thousand times!? Sketch.
  6. Once me and some friends were trying out a sick new by bubbler and had just found s really legit contact so we were having a mini celebration. Well we were all pretty blazed and this homeless guy around 60 comes and just sits down in the gap between my friend and I so after geeking hard I decided to pack him a hit and passed on the piece.

    He then proceeded to rip it and leave, in complete silence.

    I's still the most random encounter I have ever had in my life and we often make jokes about running into him again.
  7. I think I saw a ufo also...was riding my bike to a chicks house at like 1am and it was so clear out you could see way out into space and I saw a green line go for a ways then do a sharp turn and disappear
  8. the tattoo one is pretty trippy hahaha fuck man
  9. When i found a box of chocolates on my bike seat after work. Only happened once
  10. One day in June, me and my friend Ant where walking back home from a pool hall downtown. We where passing through a shitty neighborhood when a guy pokes his head out the door of a house and asks us if there are police around. We tell him no and he looks relieved. We start talking and he tells us his name is "Tadpole". He invites us inside to play nintendo 64. We go inside and start playing goldeneye. Tadpole offers us something to drink and brings out a 2 liter bottle of coke with the Santa Claus logo ( the one they make during Christmas) its almost empty and looks flat as shit so we say goodbye to tadpole and leave. never saw him again
  11. [quote name='"Exodus2011"']i lost my strap on dildo i dont know where it is it has my last twink fucks anus juices on it i wanna lick off and savour the taste cause im kinky like that![/quote]

    Babe, you left it in my bed next to your herpes cream last weekend.
  12. Aite my story is kind of creepy. I was dating this chick for like two years and her step dad was a super uptight police officer. He was completely healthy that I know of and he was undergoing a simple surgery on his neck that was supposed to have 99% chance of recovery. This dude has some weird sleep disorder where he needs a breathing tube to sleep correctly. Anyway he comes home and goes to sleep...BAM wakes up having extreme pain and goes to the hospital.

    Apparently during his sleep extreme force had been applied to the area the surgery just happened and it caused it all to be undone. There were huge blood clots and all types of shit. The dude is now paralyzed from the waste down, but is fully stable and fine. This is causing thousands of dollars in medical bills and his wife basically lives in the hospital with him

    He has little chance of ever walking again, but the news is that he is doing very well. A benefit is held in honor of the police chiefs duty and everyone hopes he will be well enough to come home soon....BAM dead...

    Just died in his lights on lights off kinda shit. I seriously think the girls mother played a major role in his death. They were only married a little less than 10 yrs. This was also this dudes 20th year of duty as a police officer meaning he gets full benefits...He was also a 20 year military veteran receiving full benefits. Since she married him and had a child with him she received ALLL benefits and pensions.

    I never suspected her doing anything wrong until I was at the funeral, and I wasn't welcome there either. (Ex and I had just broke up recently) Anyway..the mother just gave me a look at the funeral. No one else noticed it..but she gave me this psycho look that I had seen in her daughter oh so many times...I cant explain the look in words. If you saw it you'd get that creepy feeling like in serial killer movies..

    Ugh I don't have time or space to explain the backstory, but it just freaked me out. This woman has led an extremely shady life, and the pieces just fit perfectly...ever since the death she has not even looked back once. She nice new things. Sold their old house and with the benefits she is receiving for her husbands death she doesn't even need to the hefty insurance policy she had in his name XD.
  13. reminds me of half baked, when they offer the homeless dude on the couch a hit hahaha
  14. i hate hearing shit like this. fucking bitches man
  15. Speaking of creepy bums, one time a sizeable amount of my friends went to a local starbucks. They were all eating or drinking something and just hanging out so they had a full table. One of my friends decided to go to the bathroom and when he got back he found his seat was taken by none other than a stinky bum. Not only was this bum sitting in my friends seat he was drinking his soda. and he just didn't give a fuck
  16. bums are legit
  17. That is truely weird. And fucked up.

    Yesterday, at the supermarket, my friend had a bag of garbage he took out from his car, and he tossed it into a trash can. Less than a minute later, a bum comes and goes through the trash can and takes out the very garbage bag my friend tossed in.

    He opens it, and takes out the bits of food, looks at it, and throws it back in the trash can. Then he leaves.

    And my friend says,

    "That was totally edible..."
  18. ahh bum stories...Once I was in line for a concert and this bum was trying to give "high fives" with his nub arm and then he proceeded to take his dick out and shake it at the ladies in line..I've also had a nasty crackhead come up to me and say she'd suck my dick for a moon pie..I said how a bout I just give you 50 cents for a moon pie and she said she's banned from the store

  19. HAHAHAHA! Banned!

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