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Discussion in 'General' started by SwagCaleb, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. I got a text this morning saying "wanna buy a 1/8?" and I replied "who is this?" and never got a reply.
    Now, about 5 minutes ago, I got a call, and answered it, having no idea who it was, and someone hung up right when I answered it. Then I texted the number after they hung up saying "who is this" and the number said it was invalid, but then I went back to check my texts and the text was there. Neither were the same number.
  2. Awwww shiiiieeeeeettt
  3. It's the Illuminati.
  4. I'm just weirded out right now?
  5. I once, when I was in high school, put Jesus in my contacts as 1800-000-000 and that number texted me one day and the date it said it texted me from was like 1976 and the text was just a bunch of numbers. It was fucking creepy as shit...
  6. Get a new number.
  7. I can't get a new number. This shitty AT&T will charge me if i get a new number
  8. Fax them a turd.

    What kind of p.o.s. company will charge you for fucking changing your number?
  9. be careful man it sounds uber fishy
  10. that type of shit is a stoners nightmare.
  11. Im thinking the second thing is just someone calling the wrong number,because it has the same area code as me,and where i moved its a different area code.
    And the first one, is just weird. Because its the area code where I moved.
  12. I'd be careful OP. Hopefully it's just some weird mix up though.
  13. Its probably someone fuckin with you, I'm pretty sure this would be entrapment if you were thinking it's a cop
  14. I really do hope so man. This is freaking me out for no reason.
  15. sounds like trouble to me :(

  16. And a cop's not going to go through all that work for a guy buying an 1/8th
  17. Someone honestly tell me if I should be concerned about this?
  18. [quote name='"SwagCaleb"']Someone honestly tell me if I should be concerned about this?[/quote]

    Shouldn't be. If it's a cop, it's entrapment. Probably just some dealer who got your number from someone you know after asking them if they knew anyone who needed bud. That's been the case for me a couple times anyway when this happened. As for the call, probably unrelated.
  19. [quote name='"SwagCaleb"']Someone honestly tell me if I should be concerned about this?[/quote]

    Be cautious, but don't act on anything tonight if nothing else happens. If it happens again, I'd be concerned.
  20. Thanks guys, I appreciate it.

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