Weird white bugs

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  1. What are these bugs i had to scrape off my indoor plant?? I used a tooth pick tried to blow it 20190829_162025.jpg 20190829_162024.jpg and it did nothing
  2. Aphids, spray them with neem.
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  3. Sub
    What exactly are they and how/why are they harmful?
  4. Spray every other day with a garden sprayer soaking each leaf with a mixture of Neem oil from Lowes.
    Could be a spider mite too, can't really tell in the pic's, either way continue that for 2 weeks
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  5. Ok thank you!
  6. Yep yep thank you ill go get some when i can
  7. Neem oil works in veg ,,,I wouldn't use it in budding .. Make your buds taste like shit .
  8. What works/should be used for aphids, etc. in flowering?
    I am growing 100% indica outdoors in pots at 43° Latitude? I heard been oil ruins the taste...tks!
  9. Neem oil ,, yes that what I heard to .
    I use the Humboltds secrets and

    Both can be used in flowering right up to the day you havest
  10. Awesome, will give it a about 5 more weeks....
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  11. I've used neem up to the last 2 weeks of flowering and just spraying off the plants with a hose is enough to get any leftover neem off the buds, though I finish my outdoor inside for at least a week so I have a place for them to dry up some and take that time to inspect all plants before harvest. Also any outdoor bud is washed before its harvested and dried.
  12. Good stuff...tks!
  13. Do you just spray your plant down real good with a shower nozzle hose?

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  14. Ya under low pressure though, more of a stronger mist, rinsing off anything that would get stuck to them, shake gently and move into a flower room for a few days to better dry out the plant, at this time I only do a max 9 hours on with lights, keeping them in the dark longer, last few days after final flush I keep them in 24 hour darkness and no watering, helps with the drying time.
  15. Interesting. Mine are straight in the ground so moving them isn't happening swiftly haha

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  16. Ya I did mine in 15 and 20 gal pots, not easy to move but I can if needed.
  17. I used 5 gal pots with Afghan kush, the plants reached 5.5-6ft...perfect size for mobility, and large yields per plant. Approx 20/plant
  18. 20 oz/plant
  19. Dr Zymes. Do some foilar and a soil drench

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