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Weird Weed?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by deepminded, Jul 12, 2014.

  1. So here's the deal. I have two main dealers right now, one of them has weed that has much better looking features to it than my other guy. I got an eighth of the good looking stuff for 60$ which is pretty rough. I got 4.5 gs for 60$ from the other guy, and his weed is average looking at best. No seeds and stems or anything like that, it just looks average but smells really strong (dank). On two different smoke seshs, I compared the highs. A bowl of the average looking weed gave me a stronger high, and I even had some small hallucinations!! Like I had when I first started smoking. The supposed high quality stuff was notably a different, less intense high. I have to say its weird. What's the reason for this, could it be laced or something? I'll post pictures of both. ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1405177104.782596.jpg ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1405177124.576228.jpg

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  2. It is laced with rainbows and dragons. :cool:
  3. dude you should know looks aren't everything. sativas are always suuper pretty but they never smoke as good as indicas. frostier generally means danker, but more colorful, not so much. I mean bubba kush to me always looks really shitty, like something that just grows in the fucking wild, but its a very reliable strain and always does the trick. on the other hand blackberry kush always looks like some kind of magical beautiful candy and its one of my favorite strains ever. so its all down to the composition, which isn't necessarily related to looks.
    On a side note, 60$ for an 8th? i don't know where you live to get such shit deals but i'm sure you could shop around. at that price it better be mind blowing
  4. Oh also is the more expensive weed an indica? Strains high in CBD will actually suppress some of the effects of the THC, its all down to the ratio. might also explain your experiences.
  5. OP I have been in the same situation and have learned over the years that some mids seem to be better than some so called high grade.
    It all depends on how it was grown and flushed and dried and cured.
  6. There's always good looking bud that isn't good and bad looking bud that's good.
    I've had bud that looks like DIRT, but gave me a strong high.
  7. Looks are usually a good general indication of quality and potency, but they aren't definitive. 
    For instance:
    larry_og 19% THC.jpg
    ^Larry OG
    lemon_remedy 9point5% THC 13point5%CBD.jpg
    ^Lemon Remedy
    I'd say the second one looks more potent, and yet it has only half the THC of the first (9.5% vs. 19%).
  8. Looks mean nothing
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    Sounds like a strong sativa strain. You can't really tell potency, one batch can be more potent no matter the look. Laced weed isn't really a thing. One time with me i got a 1/4 and it looked strange like it wasn't nugs it was little balls of plant material which was probably cannabis, but it smelled off too. Everytime i smoked it, it took one hit. I was gone, all feelings dissapated from my body, my vision would get all blurry. I could barely walk constant changes in visuals. I sent it to a chem test lab ananymously. Turns it, it had a significant amount of PCP in it. I was pretty disappointed in myself, because i enjoyed it more than i should have. I got it through a middle man, so i don't even know where he got it. So just good bud dude. That happens to me almost every time now a days. So basically it wasn't laced. You would most certainly know if it was laced. because the effects would be completely overpowering. and not characteristic of cannabis. But like i said it almost never happens. Especially with real drugs like PCP
  10. Everybody has gotten that one bag that looks like dirt weed but turns out to be pretty good weed.

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