weird virus, or something

Discussion in 'General' started by yellow bic, Sep 25, 2007.

  1. im fucking sick of this dude

    i must have a few viruses that are weird as shit

    one of them makes my computer scream USA like every 4 hours, even when there is no music applications open, no ads, no internet, nothing open

    another samplesa clip from a song for like 2 seconds i can hardly recognize it

    just bringint this up because some one said something about there computer supposedly being haunted while they were on the city lol
  2. thats pretty damn funny
  3. ya real hilarious hah

    k i will runthat program

  4. Could be a prank program. anyone else have access to your comp?
  5. sadly no hah im sure its from porn or something

    which is weird cause i dont have any downloaded but those are the start of most viruses from what i here

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