Weird trichs showing at almost 5th week of veg??

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by NCDROGRO, Oct 1, 2010.

  1. Hey all :wave:, well last night I was looking at my plants and noticed what looked like trichs at the top of the plants. I thought I was seeing things lol and today I took out the pocket micro and sure enough there starting to produce some trichs at just about end of week 4 of vegging.

    They are white russian from seed, light sched has been 18/6. Has anyone else experienced trichs in veg or this early before with WR or any other strain? I've just never seen this or had any plants do this before so I'm just trying to figure this out and see if its normal at all? Any help is greatly appreciated! :)
  2. most, if not all of my plants have trich's in veg.

    its nice, isn't it?:smoke:
  3. Ty LOL Smells glorious :D guess I just never noticed any before in veg and probably wasn't looking for them at that point either. Gracias for the reply! :cool:

  4. Weird cus I've never seen them... Only ever come a few weeks into flower.
  5. my plants kind of have this around the stem and they're just getting into the swing of veg..

    I think I read somewhere its the resin that coats the leaves and everything to protects it when it gets to dry.
  6. its not a heavy coating of trichs like on buds, but for sure some light trichs on some leaves.
  7. yeah it's just like a light dusting near the top leaves of the plants not by any means alot of them but definitely there putting off a nice smell ;):smoke:. I just never recalled seeing any before in veg so when I saw them I was intrigued to say the least lol :)

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