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Weird tolerance

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by JesusGreen, Sep 16, 2009.

  1. I find my tolerance to weed really weird. When I first started smoking, if I smoked dank, I would pretty literally "trip" (major time distortion, the waking up feeling, sometimes very light visuals if it was a potent sativa, e.g. a kind of wave effect in my vision). Now I've noticed I both have and don't have tolerance after smoking as much as possible over the past 11 months.

    The thing is, I can still roll a tiny prison joint with like 0.05 grams in it, and get a nice high if it's dank. That's something most people I know, even with the best weed, can't do. At the same time though, I don't get the same "trips" I got when I first started smoking. I'll notice mild visuals with strong sativas, but they'll be different, it'll be more like everything has a slight "shine" to it, rather than waves or imposed colours in my vision. I don't get any time distortion anymore, and I haven't been able to really re-capture the waking effect (I've had it a little with some nice Skunk #1, but even then, nothing compared to what it used to be)

    I get just as high as before, and for just as long, but almost in a different way. I get a new and different high from what I used to experience, but at the same time it's missing some of the features of previous highs that I miss (That waking feeling is amazing).

    Anyone else have a similar thing? (Sorry for the long post lol)
  2. Take a t-break for a little while. Im on my fourth day. Then smoke 3 bowls of dank to the face. :smoke:

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