Weird Things People Masturbate To...

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by Pass the Piece, Jun 17, 2013.

  1. Hey all, I just thought maybe it would be fun to create a thread with all the weird shit we all masturbate to! So everybody post what you like. . .my favorite thing is probably the hello kitty picture on DarcySnow's profile. I can't look at that coy cat without getting hard.
    So let's hear it, weirdos. What do you like to masturbate to?

  2. hahahah that's awesome
    fuck yea! hello kitty boners
  3. Some of my dr Seuss books have pages stuck together
  4. You`re fucked. How about some swimsuit models with nice titters and a firm ass?
  5. one time i imagined myself doing it with a hot guy in a big pile of money LOL
    Who hasn't?
    that's not really strange at all. although it makes me wonder why money? is there something specifically about it that gets you off?
    I'm glad i don't have any super weird attractions to things. i guess i'm just old fashioned. One thing that's always really turned me on more then just regular ol sex is when a girl wears knee high socks or boots. its just something about it that gets me all riled up and i don't really know why.
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    yeah, that's just the weirdest thing i've ever thought about. i'm not sure why money either...
    thinking about all that money just makes me think about all the things i could buy, like drugs $_$ and drugs usually make me horny ha.
    god, that makes me sound like a junkie.
  9. i search bbws on xvideos. and had a fat fat side chick lately. my guilty confession. i beat off to fat girls
  10. Clowns rock my socks off. Can't even go to a circus anymore if I do I swear I'll just lose it.
  11. Oh pikachu, you always have that weird place in my heart.
  12. I thought I was the only one that cums HARD to hello kitty!

    ohai Darcy ;)
    Haha I don't even know you. 
  14. I do quite enjoy a hairy snatch...
    Did I just say that. 0_____0
  15. Cute gay guys lol.
    Even more in particular, cute gay hentai!
    I am already an anime nerd, and I am bi, and strongly attracted to cuteness instead of hotness. So yeah.
    While I may be into cute girls as well, I really have a thing for feminine looking guys (not like tranny, but just cute and girly looking, if that makes sense?).
  16. Damn son.
  17. As for me, nature can get me horny. Literally jacking off to nature.

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