Weird spots under seedling growth

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  1. Hello. This is my first grow and its outdoors. (Kinda late in the season i know but im doing this more as a learning experience then for best possible results). My plants are about 4 weeks and im just letting nature do its thing when i noticed these weird spots on the underside of one of my leafs on both plants. I water every other day and havent started to give it nutrients yet i think they are still too young. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. 1st off, what soil is that? Looks awful, and not right for Cannabis! Cannabis needs good drainage (Perlite). Hope you poked drainage holes in the cup.

    It is POSSIBLE that those spots under the starter leaves are just that glue like substance that holds the seed shell on..OTHER THAN COLOR (too pale green), seedlings look ok to me.
  3. They look pretty small for 4 weeks. The soil is most likely your problem. I'm a fairly new grower and soil was my problem the first go round.

    So pretty much the soil, which as previously stated, needs to have good drainage to prevent root rot and fungus gnats. the better the soil is the more nutrients it will have. This makes a difference in if and when you need to add nutes to your watering schedule. I'm using Fox Farms Happy Frog soil ($10 smallish bags online).

    On top of the soil, the pH of your soil and water play a major role in nutrient uptake. The ph for your water needs to be between 6.2 and 6.8. I can't give you to much advice on checking the soil pH as I have never done so. But I do know that if you get your water's ph correct over time the soils ph will adjust to the proper level. If you want to make this happen faster, flush with ph'd water.

    Once you get your babies in good soil and on a good watering schedule with properly ph'd water they should take off in growth compared to what you've seen.

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  4. Also the cotyledon (small round non weed looking leaves) will die and fall of later into veg so as long as those spots don't spread, I would say it's safe to assume that it was just the sticky substance left from the shell

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  5. That soil definitely needs to go. I know it's easy to think, "but it's dirt. Dirt is dirt man." While thay may be true to some degree, dirt is NOT what you want when growing cannabis. You need a growing substrate that is tailored specifically to the needs of your plant's root system.

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  6. Thanks for all the advice. I know the soil is crappy and i definitely will invest in some better quality. I did put drainage holes in the bottom to prevent water build up. And i might be off by a week in their age. I wasn't keeping track (noob mistake). Once again thank you all for the advice.

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