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  1. First and Foremost, :smoking:

    Okay, now to the logistics.

    I have a smoke buddy that happens to be a female. We've been friends for a while now (a year and some change). I'm starting to develop a certain liking towards her though. normally our outings consist of :bongin:'ing and watching movies :smoking:'d. From time to time, we'll do different things like roadtrip and what not but its very whatever.

    I didn't feel anything for the person when I befriended her. I actually started enjoying her company because I never found her my type. I could look right at her and be like "dude, I gotta take a dump!" and she would reply "HAHAHA I know right? We ate too much after those bowls. I gotta go too!" (her version sounding a lot more girlier believe it or not lol)

    NOW STOP! I know you're probably thinking this girl is more butch than cassidy. But many people find her attractive though (I'm constantly reminded by my friends how they think shes "gorgeous"). I think I've become more attracted to the fact I can really open up with her. Problem is, sometime she can really come off like a sister.

    Have we gone to far to be able to start something? My mood seems to just flip on me. One moment I can see her as nothing but a friend, then the next I'm wondering whats under those clothes (we made out a few times when i was drunk. She doesn't drink to get drunk though).

    What do you guys/ladies think? :confused_2:
  2. I really don't think you've gone too far.
    I think it's normal to feel a little awkward about it because it's different, but honestly, I think the best relationships come from strong friendships like that.
  3. the best relationships come from best friendssss.
    oh, runrabbitrunx already said that.

    but seriously it's true. i'd take the chance
  4. I'll have to third what the others said, if she's at all interested in you it could make for a great relationship.
  5. I fourth that.
  6. why not go for it?!

    side note: this guy-girl situation sounds fuckin exactly like my situation a couple months ago (cept i was the girl). it's trippin me out fo realz!
  7. Well I kinda just wouldn't want to fuck up the relationship if something goes wrong. I guess I'm just a tad paranoid that we wouldn't talk anymore. (Not that I would give her a reason)
  8. Just have an eshn with her and throw on Zack and Miri Make a Porno. Could work, maybe, I wonder how many best friends that movie has brought closer together.
  9. Minor Update:

    I Had her over for the usually movie/bud night. I hadn't seen her in like a week so I was really excited to see her (didn't help that I'm starting to like her). She was more dressed up than usual to my surprise. ;) We shared a bowl and watched some movie about drugs. When the movie was over, we were surprised how early it was 11:00.

    We ended up smoking again (mainly cause the movie was :(). We sat in my car and just talked for like 2 hours stoned. It was truly fun sitting there and blabbing about whatever. After a bit we decided to get Denny's. We ate and talked a bit more. I was kinda weirded how couple-ly we look (both of us dressed up when we're usually in basic clothes). After food, i dropped her off at her car near my house and say goodnight. I gave her a kiss on the cheek that made her blush. She smiled and said goodnight.

    That was lastnight and today shes been texting me up a lot today since i woke up, so I think im doing pretty good. :smoke:
  10. That's bloody fucking adorable!
  11. aawwww
    but seriously, the worst that culd happen is she doesnt feel the same (which im sure we ALL doubt) I did the same thing but nothing happened from it :eek:
    but thats cuz i told her i feel like it wouldnt work out at the moment. But we still have a strong friendlationship :p.
  12. Sounds like the start of a relationship that has some potential
  13. Thanks everyone for the input! Everything is going really well minus the fact that I'm going out of town for the weekend :(. So far, everything has been better than I expected. Good friends do make the best partners. I can't wait to get back, she wants to go cannabis shopping together (we both have a medical card). I'm posting from my phone...dang I miss that girl and I just left...

    One puff to everyone for the advice! :bongin:

  14. More power to you guys. Its proven that couples that smoke cannabis together stay together longer and are happier and have more fun, so toke on friend!
  15. sounds like you just want to get laid bro, fuck relationships see if she do the friends with benefits thing.
  16. go for it after some truly dank shit. if you have a grinder maybe save up some keif from good buds
  17. I think you could tell her in one way or another that you'd be interested in some more intemate things, see how she responds.
    if u already kissed, then thats a sign that shes not afraid to atleast kiss you which is sexual and intimate.
    so take it a step further when the timing is right, if u really wanna dig into her, then persue that.
    if u see her Too much as a friend or sister, then keep her as blaze buddy, and look for another girl to make your lover.
    and in the mean while who knows what happens with u and your blaze buddy, maybe she will get interested and u could be a nifty devil and have 2 ..

    your choice, enjoy your life. :smoke:

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