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Weird shit happening while high

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Mighty Joe Bong, Aug 21, 2003.

  1. I just got down to smoking in front of Letterman when a big whorey earthquake rocked up and started shaking everything around. I was freaked the fuck out since that was my second earthquake experience since I was maybe 8, and never one that strong. It took a fair bit out of my buzz.

    Anyone else got fucked up stories like that?
  2. umm.... i hid in a box once when i was really high and drunk, then t got turned over and i couldent figure how to get out.. it scared me, i almost cried, but i ripped the box apart, it wont mess with me anymore... :)
  3. Where is Letterman?

    The weirdist shit that ever happened to me when i was high:

    We were smoking in my friends garage b/c he was having a few people over. We were having a good old regular time when my friend comes in the garage and told us some disturbing news. This chick that we were hanging out with just pissed in his dryer. He asked her what she was doing and she told him to get away. He could tell her pants were down and she was squatting in the dryer. She tried to say she thought it was the bathroom. My friend had to soak up the piss with towels. Obviosuly alcohol played a role in this event, but apparantely she only had around 3 beers. No one can truely understand what happened that night. She dosn't hang around with us anymore, probably b/c we kept saying things like "set it on tumble" when she was around.
  4. If you had an Identical twin, would you try to have sex with his girlfriend?

  5. If you were tryng to get on Jerry Springer.

  6. gagagahahahhaa omg thats fucking funny THC but mean yet funny
  7. I live in New Zealand Zonedude.

    When I said 'in front of Letterman', I meant watching the Late Show.

    The quake turned out to be a 7.3, originating 1 1/2 hours away (The place I posted most of those pictures of). Apparently it was the biggest one since the early 60's.
  8. maybe its caused by government funded underground bomb testing:eek:;)
  9. the most scariest thing that ever happened to me .. was completely beliveing i was in the blair witch woods ...i was scared outta my head ..... and i couldnt move .. i felt like i was sitting agasint a tree ..... it was weird as fuck ....but my friends kept me grounded ....:smoking:
  10. once on a vacation to the carribean, my girl and I smoked a jay of some serious fire and we were just chillin on a secluded beach in silence and we saw a fucking ufo, no shit, the thing was huge and rectangular, it was like multiple sky scrapers completely motionless sitting high in the atmosphere with only the tip of it illuminated, but you could easily see a huge craft behind the light.

    We sat there all night, about 7 hrs total watching it, and after a while we noticed it was dropping what seemed to be baseball sized drops of liquid into the ocean, we could litterally watch it fall from the bottom of the craft then hear it hit the water no more than 200-300 yards away from us, I was really scared shitless, but I acted all calm infront of my girl. We eventually fell asleep watching it do this all night and in the morning it was still there but no where near as close to the earth as the night before, it looked like it was slowly floating away,

    that was the scariest experience I have ever had by far, it scares me just talking about it, & not to mention it was pitch black & I was blazed for the first two hours of starin up at this thing so I was havin some major anxiety, the next day we told a few friends from the area and they said not to talk about it, they said it happends a few times a year, and to just concider our selves lucky to have seen it.
  11. lmao

    contact that is some crazy shit man
  12. this thread is from '03 guys.
  13. nothing wrong with resurecting an old thread!

    me and two of my buddies were smoking this kick ass medical in his truck late one night, my friend has like a 3 foot machete in his truck...who knows why...

    anyway, i don't remember why (like usual :smoking: ) but they all of a sudden told me they were part of a sting operation working for the governement trying to find the drug lords of Utah hahaha, but i was so blitzed i believed them, then they were all like "i can't believe we told him...we should kill him now" so we were all headed up the canyon, where i was going to be killed, i'm so fucked at this point i am like...believing them..yet not wanting to. then my friend pulls over, starts laughing hysterically and goes "i'm way to high to drive" and then they told me they were just messing with me...not cool

    in hindsight, it was fucking hilarious though :D
  14. Umm me and my buddies were smoking in my friends house.His mom wasnt home and we thought she wouldnt come home anytime soon.But oh no.She calls right after we smoke 20 bowls of some purps.We got so scared we freaked out and left.We were scared because his mom is a complete psycho.

  15. hey man im lookin to study abroad in new zealand or australia. I figure they're both like Canada... pretty 'lax about weed. But, is it easy to pickup bud?
  16. I dout you will get a response from Joe Bong, he hasnt visited the city since 11-29-2005.
  17. weed is illegal in australia you know. you cant just buy off anyone either. wheres abouts in australia were you planning on studying?
  18. come on man people are never happy...

    You post something already mentioned, and you will have some people telling you to use search its been said already.

    someone uses search and posts related stuff on an existing thread, and u get someone saying the thread is to old to still comment on.

    does it matter?
  19. i got the scariest thing :

    imagine being in a hotel room at 3 in the am and watching your door get knocked down by 4 cops who raid the room and arrest you. then they search the room and find 2g of yay a roll and a Oz of the dank. that was a scary night.
  20. ^ Was it your shit?

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