Weird looking buds?!

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  1. Hey guys, so I have been growing this plant which should be ak48 autoflower but somehow it looks like it is a different strain. One day a normal looking green plant turned purple and that was not because of cold, I dont know what but it was something else. The buds did not form like normal so I waited for two weeks but the plant didn't change so I chopped it down. Can someone look at the pics and tell me why there are no normal looking buds and what are those things (calyx maybe) ?? and are they smokable?
  2. I planted in a 7.9 ph pile of chicken shit once and my buds looked like that.

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  3. Looks like alot of shade also?

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  4. Disease caused less buds, or it is a hermaphrodite? Maybe.
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    Phodphorus defeciency possibly. Small buds and purple leaves are a symptom. But dont jump to conclusions just yet. Did you prepare a hole or just plant in ground? Everything else around looks so lush I'm just curious.

    Also do you know what temps get too at night? Lows? I know you said it wasn't do to cold but just curious again
  6. I clicked this expecting to see a lot of fox tailing..
    That plant seems to be a pure sativa maybe 90% that was grown poorly.
    I wish you kept it alive tbh, the purple is so rich that would of been a great mother if you wanted to make a purple strain.
    How long was it growing? The buds could of gotten bigger and maybe you pulled her too early.
  7. I think that what happened is it was growing good and something happened and shocked the plant and it didn't grow anymore..
    That or its a hermi.

    More than likely its a hermie because Im not seeing no hairs.
  8. The plants next to it in the same hole are over 2m big and healthy, yeah there is not a lot of sun but photoperiod plants there are pretty big.
  9. I prepared supersoil in the hole and other plants look good, just this purple one was weird.

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  10. I think she got too much shade and flowered for like a little bit, then the light fixed and she tried to reveg.
  11. It had to be ak48 autoflower but looks like a different strain, and I chopped it when it was 90 days old from seed, yeah there where no hairs and those things looked weird so I thought maybe it's a hermie. The lowest temperature it could get was +9 C at night, all the other time the temps are from +15 to +26C.
  12. Yeah its a shame though.. Looked like it could of been some fucking dank.
  13. Yeah I don't know what happened, but other plants are growing good so I am hoping the get a good harvest
  14. Can I smoke those things?
  15. this is probably what's doing it. I purposely drop temps in the winter into this range to bring out colors. Not all plants do it. Even sometimes plants of the same strain will be effected differently by cold temps. You are definetly getting into the range of cold enough.
  16. U can definitely smoke it. Dont worry. It just looks wierd.
  17. Cold will make pretty colors......can i smoke it? Hell yes. I smoke everything eventually! Im old school i still save roaches and make 3rd gen fire joints! Haha

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  18. this is why adding Ruderalis to the gene pool is a stupid idea.

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