Weird light brown floaties in ash catcher

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  1. I got a new ash catcher about 2 weeks ago and i noticed it always has light brown little pieces in the water.. It doesn't really look like Rez but I just want to make sure it's not dangerous :
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  3. [​IMG]

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  4. Just pieces of medication that suck through. See the other 2 small pieces on the glass near it? You are good keep medicating.
  5. It's like they're way too big for the bowl hole though and I've been smoking bongs for a couple years never had this, and I have the same bong

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  6. Here's the deal, OP:

    Nothing can be entering that bong that YOU aren't putting in it. Aliens aren't coming down, poisoning your bong, and then returning to the great galactic headshop. Weed Fairies aren't popping into existing, cursing your holy bong water, then disappearing in a cloud of smoke.

    So, assuming you're using the bong properly, you're using it to smoke weed. The only thing going through that bong is water that you put in, smoke, and burnt weed. So what could it be? Out of those three, it's not water, it's not smoke, it's... BURNT WEED.
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  7. clean your ashcatcher man, the little brown flakes are bud that pulled through. the big piece floating there is mold.
  8. Possibly a nugget of resin too, no? Otherwise agree 100% with you!
  9. Nah, that doesn't look like resin. Resin's not going to float around like that. That does look like a tiny nugget of weed though, maybe it got sucked through. Kinda looks like mold too though.
  10. 1. Open it all up, get that out, inspect it, see what it is. MYSTERY SOLVED!
    2. WTF do you mean it's too big for the bowl hole?!?! No it's not. Unless it's a rock or something solid, which marijuana and/or mold is not, suction (which you are providing) is going to be enough to compress something compressable enough to squeeze through a small hole.
  11. It's true

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  12. another thing that pops up every now and again is orange resin in my ac.. its weird same color orange as the orange hairs on a nug of weed. and you don't want that shit around for long as that type of resin build up tends to break off in speckle up the glass downstream
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    FYI...OP...Name-calling / disrespect doesn't fly here for any reason. You might want to read the rules that you agreed to when you joined the forum, it'll make your stay here more enjoyable.
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